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How To Increase Your iPhone Battery by Tweaking “Charging Cycle”


How To Increase Your iPhone Battery by Tweaking “Charging Cycle”

6_thumb How To Increase Your iPhone Battery by Tweaking "Charging Cycle"

Some of the complaints about the iPhone battery almost runs out a year or two, half-day hold. But some of the old iPhones still run all day. Almost certainly, the difference is caused by different people with different charging habits. Which habit is the best way to keep your iPhone battery running long ?

Although the iPhone is equipped with lithium-ion batteries was set up specially for the irregular use, but if you follow some rules you can substantially increase the battery life. First of all you need to know is the iPhone battery “charging cycle” limited: each battery fell from 100% to 0% for a period, after more than 400 cycles the battery capacity is reduced by 20%.

no-battery-iPhone_thumb How To Increase Your iPhone Battery by Tweaking "Charging Cycle"

The first worst: 0%
If you use your iPhone fully at 0% after each charge, that means the iPhone is used at the maximum possible way and when iPhone battery shutdown every time and you have to charge it,  the battery goes to “deep discharge State”, losing part of the storage capacity.

Full charge: “full blast”
Some people charging line every night before going to bed, got up in the morning will have a 100% iPhone. But as early as the middle of the night has been fully charged iPhone, after that night in overcharging. When the battery gives off a little and then back, repeat. Plus the charge for a long time this process generated heat, would have reduced the power.

The best “power zone”
As a result of the cyclical nature of the iPhone, you should try to keep power in 40%-80%. Because it will not count as a complete cycle, it can prolong the battery life. Note, however, was also once a month allow battery from 100% to 0%, this will allow the battery to recalibrate, maintaining the highest efficiency.

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