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How to increase the battery life of the Apple Watch


How to increase the battery life of the Apple Watch

The battery of the smart watch, Apple Watch provides up to 19 hours in mixed mode, including shipping notifications, control your player, use apps, etc. following a few simple rules, you can further increase the battery life of the device.

how-to-improve-battery-life-apple-watch-01_thumb How to increase the battery life of the Apple Watch

To view information about the use and time in standby mode, Apple Watch, open the companion app on hours iPhone and select My watches > General > Usage. To save battery power of portable computer in several ways.

First of all you should regularly check if it is installed on Apple Watch the latest version watchOS. To see if you need to update your system, open the Apple Watch app for iPhone and select My watches > General > software Update. If an update is available, connect your iPhone to a Wi‑Fi network, connect the charger to the clock (make sure they are charged no less than 50%) and install the update.

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Step 1:  To extend the operating time of Apple Watch can control the settings directly in the process of using the device. During training and walks set the clock in the power saving Mode to disable the heart rate monitor. To do this, open the Apple Watch app on iPhone, select My watch > Training and turn on the power saving Mode. Note that the heart rate sensor is disabled, results of counting of calories expended may not be accurate.

Step 2: For prolonged exercise it is recommended to use chest strap Bluetooth instead of the built-in heart rate monitor. If you are actively moving my arms and the clock display is activated more often than necessary, you can deactivate the function “Active. when raising of the wrist”. On Apple Watch go to Settings > General and turn off “Asset. when raising of the wrist”. When you will need to turn the display back on, simply tap it.

4f1a4cbc52c2c030950ee4984c0e96bf How to increase the battery life of the Apple Watch

Black dials can save a lot of battery life for the Apple Watch. The fact that the company first used in its portable gadgets OLED display. It differs from the LCD panel display method. In this matrix each pixel is an individual led, and replacing its colors to black stops the generation of any hue. Therefore, it stops the processes responsible for supplying energy necessary for the illumination of a given pixel. Thus, the use of black dials leads to savings battery life of the Apple Watch.

Step 3: Don’t forget to turn off unnecessary push notifications and get rid of unnecessary applications. The battery will be consumed more slowly if the iPhone will be Bluetooth enabled.

Step 4: And finally, for emergency cases, Apple has developed a power saving mode. To watch him lose most of the functionality, but can work up to 72 hours. To activate it just press and hold the side button until you see two slider, and then activate the “eco-Mode”.

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