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How To Fix “Verification Required” Error in App Store


How To Fix “Verification Required” Error in App Store

You are prompted repeated “Verification Required” dialog box while downloading free apps from App Store, Here’s how to fix this.

I was trying out some free apps in App Store, got a weird error “Verification Required”, usually that means you are required to update your credit card. Free apps don’t require payment info.

verification-required-error How To Fix "Verification Required" Error in App Store

The problem that you are experiencing is related to an error of payment by card tied to the Apple ID. All you need to do re-entering your card information, including the CVV-code.

How To Fix “Verification Required” Error in App Store:

If the repeated data entry has not helped to correct the error “Verification Required”, do the following:

1. Log out from Apple ID account. You can do it from App Store.

2. Restart your iOS-device, hold Power + Home button and hold until the Apple logo appears.

3. Re-log in using your Apple ID.

Another reason for this error may be an insufficient amount in the account attached map. When you purchase an application from the App Store, you can download it, but with the cancellation of the card has not happened.

In this case, you will not be able to update and install the application until the repayment of “debt”.

So this is verification required repeated error is fixed, hope you have solved this silly problem.

Stay tuned for amazing tips, guides for iPhone, iPad, and Macs.

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