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How-To: Fix 6 Most Common Problems in the Android Marshmallow


How-To: Fix 6 Most Common Problems in the Android Marshmallow

The sixth version of “Android” went very successful, however, it turned out, it is not without drawbacks. We have tried to collect all the known problems in this version of the OS, and suggest ways to resolve them.

Android-6.0-Marshmallow-on-Micromax-Android-One-Canvas-A1 How-To: Fix 6 Most Common Problems in the Android Marshmallow

1. Spontaneous system reboot

The problem of uncontrolled restarting the device in the first place associated with applications that have not yet been renewed under the API “Six”. Incompatibility with the system leads to the sudden departure from applications, making the smartphone restarts again and again. In this case it is necessary to update all applications to the latest version, and do not forget to clear the cache.

This procedure is done through the Settings menu: open the Applications section, choose the right and then click Storage. There also is a button to clear the cache. If all these steps have not solved your problem, it is necessary to reinstall the problematic application. The extreme measure – to reset the system to the original default settings.

2. The device has been slower to work

If you notice that the re-installation of the system has affected the speed of the gadget, it could indicate a reduction of the free space of internal memory. To release it is necessary to reset via a procedure called “Wipe cache”, to do this, launch the device in recovery mode and select the item “Wipe Cache Partition”. The selection is made using the keys to power and volume. For the successful continuation of the work should restart the device.

3. To reduce the rate of battery life

It is no secret that in order to ensure good performance, the updated system requires good technical characteristics of devices, or devices operating time is significantly reduced. If your device with it all right and autonomy grew even for a few minutes, it means that the manufacturer has not applied in vain to the Doze new technology system. Whatever it was, to look into the setting under Battery still worth it – all the most voracious consumers of energy displayed in the upper list.

4. Charging time increased

If you suffered trouble with increasing charging time device, once it is necessary to pay attention to several potential causes. Firstly, it is not necessary to bring your device to the power of fasting, because it starts when the battery level falls below five percent.

Secondly, the quality of the cable and the presence of the original charge also affect how long to hold the gadget from the wall outlet. It should be noted that similar problems arose in another Member previous versions of the system, so Google has introduced a video which explained in detail how to deal with this scourge.

5. Network problems

On outages connecting to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, basically, the owners of the Nexus 5. complain To solve this problem, you can consult “forget network” and try to connect again. A similar operation is carried out for Bluetooth. And, of course, is to try to restart the router.

6. “lame” mobile Internet

Most of the problems with mobile Internet networks are solved by restarting the device or on / off mode “on the plane.” In addition, it should be pointed out that data transmission over mobile networks is enabled in the device settings.

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