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How to extend battery life while playing Pokémon Go [5 Tips]


How to extend battery life while playing Pokémon Go [5 Tips]

pokemon-600x345 How to extend battery life while playing Pokémon Go [5 Tips]

World have gone crazy, i recently installed Pokemon Go on my iPhone 6S, i have played since some days, my battery of my iPhone is draining due to the continuous use of internet connection, display is ON and the main battery killer GPS. Because all of these the game requires a better batter phone, you can say it’s just a deadly combination.

The developers are aware of this fact and apparently already working on repairs, which should arrive in one of the updates. According to our information about the phone now lasts about 3 hours playing Pokémon Go. It depends on the age and condition of your equipment. Now, we can give you some tips on how to play as long as possible.

#1. Brightness, WiFi and Bluetooth

The first step we need to do in order to achieve lower battery consumption is that from the basic settings within the device. First, reduce the brightness of your device to a minimum and turn off WiFi connection. WiFi connectivity as well outdoors you do not need, you have in fact enabled mobile data, that the game requires. The next step is to turn off Bluetooth if it really badly need.

#2. Turn off other applications

Another way to greater battery life is definitely off all other unnecessary applications. In iOS 2x just press the home button ( double tap the home button )  and then all the cards that do not need to drag your finger up and thereby closes.

#3 Settings within the game

Many players certainly know that the game setting allows you to turn power saving mode.  Go to the main menu of the game (press Pokeballs at the bottom of the screen) -> click on “settings“in the upper right corner -> tick ,, Battery Saver“.

When you are inside the settings, you can also turn off  “Sound Effects” and  “Music“. While playing with the simplified enabled vibrations. Another option to reduce battery consumption is off “AR” at catching Pokémon.  Turning off this feature real-world sensing lens inside your device to move into the virtual world, where you will catch more Pokémon and you will not be wasting Pokéball. About this and other tips we already informed you in previous picks for the game Pokemon Go.

pokemon-go-battery-settings-337x600 How to extend battery life while playing Pokémon Go [5 Tips]

#4: Using an external battery (PowerBank)

If it playing Pokémon Go continuously i seriously recommend you consider buying a “PowerBank“. Using a USB cable, you had the power at all times and not have to worry that you really not play.


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