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How to create a bootable USB-stick with macOS Sierra 10.12


How to create a bootable USB-stick with macOS Sierra 10.12

Apple in WWDC 2016 conference on Monday began announced new operating system MacOS Sierra . Currently, OS is available to developers registered with Apple Developer program, in July, the company plans to begin public beta testing.

macos-sierra-install-3_thumb How to create a bootable USB-stick with macOS Sierra 10.12

Its very difficult to download and install it in different MacBook’s,  to solve this problem here we will guide you to create a bootable USB-drive with macOS Sierra 10.12 on it for installing in different machines or if any things goes corrupted we can install it readily.


  • USB-flash drive of no less than 16 GB.
  • Image macOS Sierra 10.12 Beta Installer, downloaded from the developer’s site or Mac App Store.
  • Computer with OS X El Capitan operating system.

Another aspect is just you can check whether your MacBook is compatible with the latest OS, we have already guided and posted it for you. A full list of compatible macOS Sierra models can be found at this link .


When you are ready, you can begin.

macos-sierra-install-2_thumb How to create a bootable USB-stick with macOS Sierra 10.12

How to create a bootable USB flash drive with macOS Sierra

Step 1 : Make sure that you have on your computer programs have a file «Install 10.12 Developer» folder.

Step 2 : Connect the USB-drive to the Mac. It is necessary to take into account that the disk is formatted, so it should not be important data.

Step 3 : Rename the stick as SierraInstaller (or any other name with no spaces).

Step 4 : Open the Terminal from the Utilities folder and run the following command:

sudo / Applications / Install \ 10.12 \ Developer \ --volume / Volumes / SierraInstaller --applicationpath / Applications / Install \ 10.12 \ Developer \ --nointeraction && say Done

Step 5 : Enter the password to your account, after which the process of creating a bootable USB drive with macOS Sierra will be launched.

After 10-15 minutes, terminal completes the creation of the drive.

«Erasing Disk: 0% ... 10% ... 20% ... 30% ... 100 ...%
Copying files is the installer to disk ...
the Copy the complete.
Making disk bootable ...
Copying files is the boot ...
the Copy the complete.
The Done.»

Step 6 : Close the terminal.

Step 7 : Restart your Mac with installed USB-stick while holding the keyboard Alt (Option).

Step 8 : You are ready to install macOS Sierra!

macos-sierra-install-1_thumb How to create a bootable USB-stick with macOS Sierra 10.12

It is worth noting that not all of the existing users with Mac OS X El Capitan will be able to go on macOS Sierra. Minimum requirements for the operating system was higher than that of its predecessor. From the list of compatible gone iMac in 2007 and 2008. Do not have access to the platform holders 13-inch MacBook, 2008 and 2009. Platform “will not pull” and Mac Pro release in 2008 and 2009 and Mac mini 2009. We go overboard and MacBook Pro owners in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Must check if you have already created a Bootable USB-Stick then you can easily Install macOS 10.12 Sierra without developer account at this below link

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