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How to correctly add Twitter photo with caption


How to correctly add Twitter photo with caption

Twitter for iOS includes great improvements on adding photos. Clearly it is useful to know.

It is likely to believe that the publication of photographs on social networks like Twitter, without doubt, of course, nothing can go wrong. Just after all, write a new tweet, choose the appropriate image from the list and the overall result tweetnout. Nothing prevents you from complying with this procedure, but if you want to add photos very efficiently and correctly, you need to make minor spell.

twitter-logo- How to correctly add Twitter photo with caption

Hidden in the bowels

First of all confirm the official Twitter application on your iPhone or iPad tab called Me . Then selectSettings and then the option Display and sound .

Here you will discover a hidden function, which would you in this part of the application settings definitely think to look. It is the section of Disclosure . And it hides the possibility of adding pasting photos just the right pizzazz

image1 How to correctly add Twitter photo with captionimage2 How to correctly add Twitter photo with captionimage3 How to correctly add Twitter photo with caption

Be creative

If you dare to make and Disclosure enter, you encounter among others, point to ensuring the creation of captions to your photos. Activate it.

Subsequently settings, exit and write a new tweet with the appropriate image. Before you click tweetnout, associated with an image, select the newly discovered opportunity to add captions. Then just enough if a few words aptly describe what the picture is. Once you’re done, your creation tweet.

Reach a broader range of users

His action has done something truly amazing. Adding a caption to the photo inserted allows its view and visually handicapped people. VoiceOver screen reader functions, which these people used to work on iOS, described the photo can identify. If you really care and you put in a few words one to fit all the essentials, your photos may admire you what you are not able to inspect the eyes. No added a label attached image these people will not say anything.

If you want to make your unique photographic pleasure indeed to all Twitter users, do not hesitate to use features introduced above. Visually impaired people will be grateful.

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