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How to avoid becoming a victim of ransomware programs


How to avoid becoming a victim of ransomware programs

Actively apply not only software-extortionists for computers, but also “mobile blackmailers.” For India, United States, Russia, the threat is particularly acute: by the end of last year, Russia was in first place in the number of users attacked mobile applications-extortionists.

ransomware How to avoid becoming a victim of ransomware programs

How to protect yourself from them?Let’s investigate.

What is dangerous for mobile devices

If the PC the most common and dangerous extortionists considered coders ( malware encrypts user data and demanding a ransom in exchange for the code that will cause the files in original form), then 99% of extortionists, attacking mobile devices – it’s blockers. 

They block access to either the browser or the operating system and require the victim’s money for the return of access to these programs. How it works: its interface blockers replace windows in all the applications in your phone, and the victim can not use the device for as long as does not pay ransom.

The main villain – Small and Fusob

download How to avoid becoming a victim of ransomware programsBoth Trojan shows users fake messages that authorities allegedly accused the victims of offenses. Both write that, if the user refuses to pay, against it will be prosecuted.

These Trojans offer the following payment methods : Fusob victims can send the ransom with the help of iTunes gift cards, and the victim’s Small – with the help of the payment system Qiwi or express vouchers MoneyPak.

Most likely, the creators of both trojans – a Russian-speaking cybercriminals who have chosen a completely different audience.

And if Fusob more focused on users in Germany, the UK and the US, mainly attacks the Small Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. The Trojan shows users a picture, allegedly created by the law enforcement agencies with the appropriate design.

She indicated the amount of redemption – from 700 to 3 500 rubles ( russian )- and payment instructions.

There are two other embodiment Small. One of them – a cipher, which makes it all the same as the original, but in addition also encrypts files on the SD-card. Another – a universal Trojan able to steal money and data and, of course, block the affected device.

Currently, users of mobile devices threaten two major and most common family of Trojans extortionists – Small and Fusob; together in 2015-2016, these malware took over 93% of the criminal market.

Victor Chebyshevanti-virus expert “Kaspersky Lab”

Outlook Mobile extortionists

In the past year, “Kaspersky Lab” recorded twice as many programs-extortionists mobile than a year earlier. A number of people are attacked by them has grown fivefold. And in February 2016 recorded the peak – more than 29 000 users at least once been attacked by Trojans extortionists.

download-1 How to avoid becoming a victim of ransomware programsThe number of users facing mobility programs-extortionists at least once since April 2014. As of March 2015

Prevention and Protection

Rules would seem obvious, but many forget about them. So remember:

  1. Download applications only from official stores (eg, Google Play). Disable installation of suspicious applications from unknown sources in your phone settings, in the “Security” tab. So you will know that no third-party applications will not fall into your device. In addition, more confidence should raise popular applications used by millions.
  2. Do not forget to regularly install updates for the operating system and applications.
  3. Protect your device with a reliable Antivirus. Even if you follow all the safety rules, malware, and can sometimes be found on Google Play, and sometimes they spread through exploits using unpatched vulnerabilities. To avoid becoming a victim of mobile extortionist, we recommend that you install Internet Security protection.

The editors thank the experts, “Kaspersky Lab” for their help in preparing the material.

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