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How To Activate Night mode on Twitter for Android


How To Activate Night mode on Twitter for Android

Very good news that the night mode on Twitter . Social twittering network changes look for the night, if only for Android devices (at least for the moment). What does this change more accurately and more importantly how you can turn it?

Needless to deny that when the evening you are in bed or on the sofa, with soft lights or practically nil, the smartphone’s display can give much trouble to the eyes, especially when talking about Twitter app that in its latest versions seems to have preferred to focus on white tones a bit ‘everywhere. Developers have therefore thought to night mode to be activated when needed . Instead of white, the background of the app is black and tweets slide on a “dark reading” really relaxing.

Nightmode-on-Twitter- How To Activate Night mode on Twitter for Android

How to turn night mode on Twitter?

  1. It’s this simple: first, to take advantage of the new feature, you will need to update the app to the latest Android version, 6.7.0
  2.  To proceed, just blow up the profile menu at the top left of the app screen.
  3. Immediately after the entry “Connect”, there will be the new command “Night mode”.
  4. The activation will be done with the classic button “On / Off”, thus pushing the tab to the right.
  5. The deactivation, on the contrary, will take place in reverse manner, by moving the button from the left to the right.

In addition to manual mode to turn night vision on Twitter, for the moment, there is not an automatic, perhaps in activation at certain times of the day to be set. Maybe a future evolution of this surplus could go in this direction. Meanwhile, finally, it is not yet known the times at which the Twitter app will be updated with the same function for iOS: I bet, however, that the adjustment time will not be long, perhaps only a few days or at most a few weeks: all to standardize the user experience for both operating systems.

PS: Thanks to: dark background and restful, how to use Twitter in the evening and at night.

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