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How to hide files and folders on your Mac


How to hide files and folders on your Mac

finder-hero-750x390 How to hide files and folders on your Mac

All know how to hide files in windows, its damn easy and everybody know how to unhide them too. There are many reasons why you should shift from Windows 10 to MacOS explained in this article

When we are in urgent to hide files and folders from prying eyes, of some sensitive files and entire folders or just keep a list of financial transactions in a safe place, a special cache on the Mac fits perfectly. In this article I’ll show you how to quickly hide the information on your computer in just a few clicks.

How To Hide Files and Folder from Spying Eyes on Mac:

Just follow the guide,

Step #1: Open up the terminal, you can easily find in spotlight search coz It can be performed in application “Terminal“.

Step #2: Start the program and enter the string  chflags hidden”, (without quote, as shown in screenshot) followed by the path to the file or folder that you want to hide.

mac-hidden-items-01 How to hide files and folders on your Mac

Step #3: To simplify the task, you can also drag the same file directly into the Terminal window – the system will do everything for you ( automatically ). Note the main thing – is to record or copy the path to a safe place, because it is still needed for recovery.

Now just press Enter and the desired item will disappear from the Finder.

mac-hidden-items-02 How to hide files and folders on your Mac

To Unhide the files or folder:

  • Open up the terminal, from spotlight search or from settings.
  • Bring him back, you can use this command: “chflags nohidden “path to the file or folder“.  ( it means chflags nohidden space then the folder path )

Wow, now you have learned how to hide files and folders in macos, for more tutorial and guides you can bookmark our site or you can subscribe to our FB Page for un-interrupted news and tutorials featuring Apple, Google and Microsoft !

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