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Here’s Why You’ll Miss The Headphone Jack in iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Lightning Earbuds


Here’s Why You’ll Miss The Headphone Jack in iPhone 7

All of the eyes are finally set and locked on the mega event to be hosted by Apple on September 7th where the Cupertino giant is going to unveil the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Amid all the speculations and guesses that are doing the rounds, one that has finally been confirmed and is currently being debated upon is the removal of the universal 3.5mm headphone jack for headphones/earphones. iPhone 7 onwards, those who wish to use their earphones to listen to music or make/receive calls will have to use Apple’s lightning port, which will also serve the purpose of charging the device.

2 Here's Why You'll Miss The Headphone Jack in iPhone 7

Ever since this news hit the circuit and was confirmed by the sources at Apple, people have gotten busy at finding out the pros and cons related to this development. And while Apple has always been known to take such unconventional steps in device design which ultimately become the hottest fad in town, this is one such development which the people might find a little hard to adjust to.

Even though the iPhone 7 is expected to come with a lightning port to 3.5mm jack connector for the users to use their existing earphones, it is an appendage that will most likely be done away with time. That said, people now have four ways of listening to music on their i7 or i7 Plus. Number one is the good old play-it-on-the-speaker way that benefits (or annoys) everybody in the vicinity. The rest of the options are to either use the wireless buds to play the music, use the lightning jack wired Apple headset that will come along with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus or the 3.5mm wired headset using the lightning jack connector.

1 Here's Why You'll Miss The Headphone Jack in iPhone 7

While the doing away of the 3.5mm jack has its own share of ups such as better audio quality using the lightning jack and better resistance for the iPhone 7 from dust and water, it has a major drawback when looked at from a certain perspective. The iPhones are known for a lot of their features but their battery isn’t exactly their USP. So for those who spend long sessions on their phones listening to music or streaming videos will have to find an alternative work to do if their device runs out of juice in the middle of their music session. These people who were earlier habitual of charging their devices while watching videos or music with their headphones connected see this development as a challenge and they consider this a backward step. You won’t be able to simultaneously charge your iPhone 7 and watch videos or listen to music using earphones as there is only one lightning port which does both the jobs.

This is certainly a major drawback, however, a lot depends on the announcements Apple makes at its event on Wednesday. Apple might come up with something in its bag to surprise us. So stay glued!

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