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Had no clue about the latest AirPods? Know it now

Had no clue about the latest AirPods? Know it now


Had no clue about the latest AirPods? Know it now

Do u know about AirPods? If not check this out !

Had no clue about the latest AirPods? Know it now:

iPhone 7 is making the headlines in recent months but with the launch of iPhone 7, Apple also launched AirPods which are Bluetooth earbuds developed by Apple Inc. Officially launched on December 13, 2016, and are quite like other Ear pods by apple but without wires. It supports any device with Bluetooth but works best with IOS 10.

Simple Look

After diagnosing the AirPods it is confirmed that it looks simpler in design from the outside but it is far more complicated from inside. It has different parts and machines which make it the most powerful AirPods. It contains PCB, the voice coil, the membrane, magnet, multiple sensors, and a rechargeable battery. It gives different interactions such as removing an AirPods from ear will pause the playback and once you will tap the AirPods, it will activate the Siri for you.

Body-Airpods-750x375 Had no clue about the latest AirPods? Know it now


The Capacity of the battery is 93 MW/h which is equivalent to 1 percent battery power of iPhone 7. AirPods has a tiny board with chip which is Apple W1 wireless module. It allows the AirPods to connect with audio sources. It also has a special polymer which is a replacement of the use of traditional plastic. A Polymer is quite hard from the regular plastic which makes this design more reliable.

What more?

AirPods are very difficult to dissect as the internal components are filled with glue which gives the assurance that all components and sensors will stick to the specific place.

The design and durability make these AirPods most reliable product of the year. The looks are surprisingly pleasing which makes it more comfortable while plugging them in.

After the Launch Apple confirmed that they have tested thousands of ear shapes and came up with this design which is enough to please a number of people and they don’t have to struggle while wearing them.

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