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Google Trips: The Best Travel App Yet

google trips


Google Trips: The Best Travel App Yet

Google launched its latest app Google Trips just a couple of days back on both Android and iOS and I must admit that it is going to change the way people vacation. Best described in its own words, Google Trips is ‘personalised tour guide in your pocket’. The app collects data from your Gmail account and aims to provide the best possible suggestions for your trips by bringing all the resources of Google at your disposal.

You can plan new trips by typing destinations or you might even find different trips listed if there is enough data collected from your Gmail account. Just put in the dates and select the destinations and Google Trips will do the rest for you. Google Trips is currently offering complete guides for 200 major cities around the globe and offers six major features like Reservations, Day Plans, Things to Do, Saved Places, Food & Drink and Getting Around. 

Stefan Frank, the app’s product manager wrote on Google’s blog,“We wanted to reduce the hassle and help travellers enjoy their hard-earned vacations.”

Google Trips is a result of two years hard work of the Google team and offers very elaborate details of the 200 major cities currently supported by this app. Google Trips will support other destinations as well, however, some elaborate features like Day Plans and Getting Around aren’t currently available for minor locations.

Google Trips can make your flight, hotel and car rental reservations. It will suggest the best indoor and outdoor locations as well as the best eateries available at any destination based on the user reviews. It will also provide you with information regarding local transportation and can even make a whole day plan for you.

google-trips Google Trips: The Best Travel App Yet

The best thing about Google Trips which I absolutely loved is that it even works offline. You can download everything on your phone beforehand and forget worrying about an internet connection while you’re vacationing. Google Trips even downloads maps and walking directions so you need not worry about getting lost in the labyrinthical streets of any foreign city. Also, it is absolutely free and there are no extra charges.

So if you’re planning a vacation with your friends or your family, just download Google Trips and enjoy your very own personalised tourist guide.

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