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Google Makes An Epic Blunder With Google Assistant Ad

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Google Makes An Epic Blunder With Google Assistant Ad

Our dependency on Google is far too high. Any time we wish to look something up, we just google it. Imagine the scenario when Google starts feeding you wrong information!!! Calm down, as it’s not going to happen but something similar recently surfaced which is indeed quite funny. Google is not known for making mistakes when it comes to marketing and advertising, but it surely made an epic blunder while promoting it’s new AI-based Google Assistant feature in its new Pixel smartphones in India.

The pre-orders for the Google Pixel and Pixel XL have commenced in India and Google has been busy promoting its new flagship device in the country. Apart from the various other notable features of the Pixel smartphones, the one which has grabbed the most attention is its latest AI-based Google Assistant feature. Google went on to give full-page ads in various newspapers all across the country. Here’s the advertisement, we’re talking about:

 Google-pixel-ad-1024x725 Google Makes An Epic Blunder With Google Assistant Ad
This ad simply shows how Google Assistant can remind users of their flight details. It seems pretty inconspicuous, but there is a catch and a few Twitterati were quick enough to point it out. The United Airlines flight leaving at 11:35PM from New Delhi as shown in this result doesn’t ply between New Delhi and London, but it instead goes to Newark. As soon as this was pointed out, various Social Media platforms started flooding in with witty comments regarding the accuracy of the Google Assistant and it was trolled like anything.
Here are few of the notable tweets:

However, it would be wrong to cast aspersions on the accuracy of Google Assistant and Google search results as this could just be intentional made-up flight details just for sake of advertisement. This should be a lesson for Google to exercise more caution while giving full-page ads as nothing misses the eyes of the netizens.

Via: BGR

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