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Google launches Apple FaceTime competitor – Google Duo Video Messenger [Review]


Google launches Apple FaceTime competitor – Google Duo Video Messenger [Review]

Google Duo is a simple app for video calling. On Tuesday, August 16, Google launches new application “Google Duo” ( video messenger ), which is designed to compete with FaceTime video calling service from Apple.

Duo-1 Google launches Apple FaceTime competitor - Google Duo Video Messenger [Review]

You can make video calls in several ways on the iPhone. By far the best-known examples include Facetime and Skype and WhatsApp soon release video calling.

Google Duo announced at Google I / O

Duo is an application for video chat the program interface is extremely simple. Setting Duo is a piece of cake, although Google’s app comes, there is no need to log in with a Google account. Calling over Duo is linked to your own phone number.

Google_Apps_Duo_Campaign_Birthday_Knock_Knock Google launches Apple FaceTime competitor - Google Duo Video Messenger [Review]

This perhaps explains why Duo is available only on smartphones. After entering your phone number, the app asks you to access your contact list. These are periodically sent to Google to see which of your contacts is also a Duo user.

“I do not think that Google will just get a bunch of subscribers, they are too late to start.Android users have already found other applications “,

– said Creative Strategies analyst Carolina Milanesi.

Google tried to introduce in the Duo features not found in other video applications, and has introduced the function of Knock Knock, which allows you to see the interlocutor before answering the call. Duo Members can contact with anyone who has a mobile number.

Features Duo limited during call

During the call you can actually nothing more than in other apps for video calling. Indeed, the features that appear to be more limited than for example in FaceTime. You can rotate during the interview your iPhone for a horizontal view, use the outer camera to show something or you turn off microphone when you need to say something that is not destined for the other.

However, since it implies it on. For example you can not put yourself in a different corner of your image is always left. You can still tap to put yourself in the picture screen and the other in the small, but in practice you do not use this (unless you prefer to yourself then look at the other).

google-duo Google launches Apple FaceTime competitor - Google Duo Video Messenger [Review]

Call waiting with Duo

Duo wants to distinguish itself with the feature called Call waiting. Because of this you can already see the other person before recording the call. Sound will only be passed if the call actually starts. The feature is nice to see what kind of a mood interviewer, but the feature is on iOS more limited than on Android.

On Android you get all of the other person from the home screen, but iOS does the call waiting feature only if you Duo already open. In all other cases, you get a simple push message saying who’s calling. When you open it, the call is answered immediately. As a result, the call waiting feature on iOS a lot less special and it is nothing more than a nifty gimmick.

Conclusion Duo review

Duo is a dead simple app for one-on-one with video calling someone. The quality in both audio and video is excellent and the switch from Wi-Fi to the mobile connection is good, but there is also all been said so little. The main disadvantages are that Duo is only available on smartphones and that your contact list is unnecessarily long.

It is also a bit confronting to instantly see yourself full screen while you just want someone else achieve. Options during a call are somewhat scanty and the call waiting feature on iOS more a nifty gimmick than a lifechanger .

iOS users are for the one-on-one conversations actually fine with Skype and FaceTime, and there is currently no reason to switch to Duo.

Download Google Duo on Android and iOS : 

Google Duo can be downloaded in a few hours in the App Store and the Google the Play, Also in the next two weeks, Google plans to launch a “smart” messenger Allo”

chart?cht=qr& Google launches Apple FaceTime competitor - Google Duo Video Messenger [Review]
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Developer: Google Inc.
Price: Free


  • +Simple video call without a Google Account
  • +Works with both iOS and Android

Negative points

  • – Only available on smartphones
  • – Call waiting feature on iOS mostly a gimmick
  • – Interface very very simple

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