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Google Chrome To Eat Up Less RAM From This December

Google Chrome


Google Chrome To Eat Up Less RAM From This December

Google Chrome is undoubtedly the most favourite browser of millions of users on both Windows PC and Android. If a make a list of good things about Chrome, the list would indeed be a long one. However, if there has been one thing which has been plaguing Chrome for a long time now is its capacity to eat up the RAM of your system. Accept it, open multiple tabs on your favourite Chrome and your system will be soon running at a snail’s pace.

Google Chrome isn’t good at all when it comes to memory management. I still can’t forget systematically closing up the multiple tabs on my old PC which had a lesser amount of RAM just to keep my system working smoothly. For all those tormented fans of Google Chrome, there is some great news.

Chrome1 Google Chrome To Eat Up Less RAM From This December

The Chromium team has been working on making Chrome more efficient in terms of memory management. They have included a new JavasScript Engine in the Chrome version 54 which has given very impressive results on JavaScript-heavy websites. Google tested this new version on various heavy websites like Reddit, Imgur, Twitter, YouTube and The New York Times and the results are really impressive.

According to the Google team, the new Chrome version will consume 50 percent less RAM on these JavaScript-heavy websites. These results will be the most noticeable on PCs with less than 1GB of RAM. Google will release the stable version of this Chrome build on December 6 this year, however, if you can’t wait till then, you can always go for the Beta builds. But please do remember that the Beta builds might contain some bugs.  We can’t wait to test out the Google Chrome version 54 and will be soon back with our own review of the claims made by Google. So stay tuned to Technohacker for all the latest news and updates from the tech world.


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