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Why Should You Go For the iPhone 7 Over The iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7


Why Should You Go For the iPhone 7 Over The iPhone 7 Plus

Apple recently launched the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus at its mega launch event along with other Apple devices like the Apple Watch Series 2 and the Apple AirPods. Now the big question which looms over the head of the Apple fans is that whether they should opt for the more compact iPhone 7 or its larger sibling iPhone 7 Plus. Let us help you out in making the right decision.

Ever since I can recall, Apple had always focused on compactness and the ease in single-handed operation. I still remember old Apple ads mocking their rivals for their unnaturally large displays. Compact size used to be a huge arrow in their quiver. But all of this changed when Apple brought the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. This move was initially criticised by not only loyal Apple fans but even many Apple insiders. But as it happened, the bigger the better. Plus variants did well in terms of sale and with the launch of the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple has re-asserted that this ‘Plus’ variant is here to stay.

But one thing that we need to remember is the fact that Apple has never been good at making large phones. Be it the screen-to-body ratio or the sturdiness, it has always failed. For instance, the Galaxy Note7 houses a larger 5.7-inch display in a 6.04 x 2.91-inch chassis, while it takes iPhone 7 Plus 6.23 x 3.07 inches to accommodate a 5.5-inch display. Although, this might not look much of a difference, but this is a huge difference one feels in day-to-day usage.

all-iphone-compared Why Should You Go For the iPhone 7 Over The iPhone 7 Plus

Another major reason why I would avoid the iPhone 7 Plus is the because of the great history of its predecessors iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6 Plus who are well known for displays which are very prone to getting bent even while staying in your pockets. Also, over the past few months, many complaints have started piling up of unresponsive iPhone 6 Plus displays and Touch ID sensors. The ‘Touch Disease’ of the iPhone 6s Plus is also well known.

Apple has kept its best camera (dual rear camera setup) reserved only for the iPhone 7 Plus and not for the iPhone 7 which seems a bit partial. The explanation that the larger camera couldn’t be accommodated inside a 4.7-inch phone doesn’t seem a bit flawed to me considering the facts that others have already achieved this ‘feat’. As for the larger 3GB of RAM is concerned, it doesn’t make much a difference to me as even 2GB of RAM in the iPhone 7 should easily take care of everything.

7 Why Should You Go For the iPhone 7 Over The iPhone 7 Plus

Apple has always been known for burning deep holes in its user’s pockets and it wants to do the same with this larger iPhone 7 Plus. Apple’s decision to keep its so-called best camera reserved only for the larger and costlier iPhone 7 Plus is a testament to this fact. However, considering the history of previous ‘Plus’ models, I would tread cautiously and go for the tried and tested smaller variant.

Well, these are my opinion and your’s might vary. So please let me know by leaving your comments below.

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