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How to Go on ‘Friendly Run’ in Super Mario Run on Your iPhone?


How to Go on ‘Friendly Run’ in Super Mario Run on Your iPhone?

Just recently, the ‘Kingdom Builder Mode’ in Super Mario Run has got some new items, including Christmas-themed buildings and decorations which are undoubtedly for a limited period only, such as Poinsettia decorations that are available for coins; the sparkly X-Mas tree and sparkly snow globe that as Mario inside. Super Mario Run has also pushed out a new feature known as ‘Friendly Run’ which you can see in your notification.

super-mario-run How to Go on 'Friendly Run' in Super Mario Run on Your iPhone?

As the title says, ‘Friendly Run’ mode is not as competitive as you see in other games. No matter who wins the game, it is intended to be more on a practice mode to play with friends and get ready to be prepared in ‘Toad Rally’ mode. Friendly Run, basically, cuts the competition for Toad Rally. Unlike Toad Rally, you don’t need Rally tickets to play and players are not rewarded with Toads, coins, and level-ups.

Within just four days, Super Mario Run has achieved around 40 million downloads successfully and it is all set to break new records.  It’s no wonder that this game is topping the App Store in around 140 countries. It is all set to dominate the most anticipated numero uno position for a very long time.

Just before we could excel all the hacks and tricks to get the most of Mario Run, we have got a whole new ‘Friendly Run’ mode. The best part, again, is that there is no need to pay Rally Tickets to play this mode. It is as friendly as it seems. But there is no level-ups, no gains! It is just a friendly, casual competition with your friends.

So, let’s challenge your friends in this friendly match!

Steps to Play Super Mario Run’s Friendly Run mode with Friends on Your iPhone

Before getting started with step-to-step guide, consider these important points –

  • To start racing, there is no need to pay Rally Tickets. Meanwhile, you cannot get any enemy level-ups, Toad followers or earn any coins.
  • You can play this mode only one time in a day if you haven’t bought the full game for $9.99
  • If you have bought the full version and cleared the world 1 out, you can play friendly run mode 3 times a day.
  • If you have cleared world 2 out or crossed far beyond, it will allow you to play friendly run mode 5 times in a day.
  • To play this casual mode, you must have enough friends to play with. You may send your Player ID to your friend or add/invite friends.

Steps to Play

  • Play Super Mario Run on your device
  • Tap “Friends” button

friends-button How to Go on 'Friendly Run' in Super Mario Run on Your iPhone?

  • You will get the list of your friends. Select a friend you want to play with. Tap ‘Run’ button next to his/her profile.

super-mario-run-choose-friends-563x750 How to Go on 'Friendly Run' in Super Mario Run on Your iPhone?

  • Tap ‘Start’ to start the run.

start How to Go on 'Friendly Run' in Super Mario Run on Your iPhone?

This is all you have to do to enjoy this friendly game to challenge your friends.

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