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GeoHot Discovers Jailbreak for iPhone 3GS in 5 Days


GeoHot Discovers Jailbreak for iPhone 3GS in 5 Days

19 year old Hacker George Hotz better know as GeoHot jailbreaks iPhone 3GS in 5 days of the launch, his skills are amazing. He may have found a hole in the iPhone 3GS boot sequence, which will allow hackers to unlock the device. Details of this exploit is been shown at Hotz blog. I don’t know much about the thing but any one who knows better can comment of this

ibootxploit GeoHot Discovers Jailbreak for iPhone 3GS in 5 Days

This screenshot appears to show a custom command inserted into the iPhone’s iBoot, implying that signature checks had been bypassed, according to one explanation in the comments of the post. If so, it’s the first step in jailbreaking the device. This should be a start for the iPhone 3GS (N88AP) jailbreak which has been dubbed purplera1n

See what iPhone Dev-Team & other have commented on geohot blog ..

Ornav Said :

iBoot exploit? 🙂
Now a tethered JB won’t be far I guess…

MuscleNerd Said :

Very nice! Hmm I should probably get my USB dump soon, before it’s too late.
ultrasn0w should be directly compatible, too!

ill.chronicdev Said :

seriously, i am amazed. you are the only person I know that can say, “oh, you want an iBoot exploit? give me a few days :)” and actually follow through, its been like what, three days since you said that? christ man, you seriously amaze me…

posixninga Said :

haha! geohot, you are the man! you said you’d get us an iboot exploit, and you got us an iboot exploit. you r0x!

Wanna see how geohot looks like .. check out his picture taken from cultofmac.

george-hotz GeoHot Discovers Jailbreak for iPhone 3GS in 5 Days

George was a team member of famous iPhone Dev-team, due to some reasons ( might be some leak in codes ) he is out of it, read about him that he was the first to discover the exploit in 1.0.2 firmware. He is currently working for search giant Google.

Geohot has already activated but is hosting nothing but an image as of now. The really good news is that if the jailbreak is successful the UltraSn0w unlock should be compatible with the iPhone 3GS as well.

[via – iClarified & Geohot] .. READMORE

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