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The Galaxy Note 7 Stops Yet Another Flight; However This Time For A Different Reason

Galaxy Note 7


The Galaxy Note 7 Stops Yet Another Flight; However This Time For A Different Reason

Sometimes, people tend to overdo the humour bit. A combination of a flight and bomb is not funny. Not even to the most humorous of us. Not to mention, the definition of those “bombs” is quite comprehensive, we must say. According to a report published by BBC, a passenger on a Virgin America flight from San Francisco to Boston last week named his phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot as “Galaxy Note 7.” A practical joke, impractically executed.

1-21-750x530 The Galaxy Note 7 Stops Yet Another Flight; However This Time For A Different Reason

The report stated that the Wi-Fi hotspot’s name was noticed by the users while the plane was in the course of its flight, causing the staff to call out to the passengers in order to enquire if somebody on the plane had been travelling with the device. As it may be recalled, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was the subject of a worldwide recall, with specific instructions from the Federal Aviation Administration to prohibit the carrying of the said device on the flight. One such device when not returned had caused a real fire in a Southwest Flight in October.

A passenger in the plane, Lucas Wojciechowski of San Francisco, tweeted the Wi-Fi SSID and some of the crew’s announcements from his laptop while it was going on.

He tweeted’ “Open my laptop on the plane and notice a Galaxy Note 7 wifi hotspot”

15 minutes later, he tweeted,”This isn’t a joke. We’re going to turn on the lights” (it’s11 pm) “and search everyone’s bag until we find it.”

The plane’s crew and the pilots, with increasing urgency, repeatedly asked the passengers to turn in the device to them. The situation went from bad to worse before panic set in and an announcement was made that they may have to make an emergency landing and search each person’s baggage until the offending device was found. Subsequently, a man came forward with the confession that there was no Galaxy Note 7 and that he had simply renamed the SSID of his own device, presumably as a joke and it was concluded that it was probably done before he came to the airport and thus he had no intention to give rise to such a situation.

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