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From Microsoft to Snapchat and Twitter: the five largest technology divorces


From Microsoft to Snapchat and Twitter: the five largest technology divorces

Many large technology companies are experiencing scandals associated with the departure of one of the leaders.

microsoft_divorces_1_thumb From Microsoft to Snapchat and Twitter: the five largest technology divorces

Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

Technology industry is a place where the idea scrawled on the back of an envelope in a college dorm room can suddenly turn into a multi-million dollar company

Maturity, social skills and the ability to work in a team is not playing the role, if you are a genius programmer and can come up with an application of which no one knew, but it is all you need.

Not so long ago the head of Yahoo Marissa Mayer (Marissa Mayer) dismissed the chief operating officer of Enrique de Castro (Henrique de Castro) after some 15 months after she also persuaded him to leave Google and go in fighting for the life of the Internet company .

Vtechenie two months there have been rumors about their personal encounters. As it turned out, when de Castro came to Yahoo in 2012, he was paid more than his boss Meyer. Hence the oppressive tension, because Meyer earns $ 36.6 million per year, and de Castro’s $ 39.2 million. During the 15 months he got to Yahoo, including as a result of the dismissal, somewhere between $ 88 and $ 109 million.

And this is not the first time that figures have led to conflicts in the successful technology business.


microsoft_divorces_2_thumb From Microsoft to Snapchat and Twitter: the five largest technology divorces

Like most classic process of divorce, the participating students and the American Ivy League fraternity, in this case, Stanford Kappa Sigma.Co-founders Snapchat Evan Spiegel (Evan Spiegel) and Bobby Murphy (Bobby Murphy) had subpoenaed his Stanford buddy Reggie Brown (Reggie Brown), who argued that the idea of ​​disappearing photograph belongs to him, as well as logo design and the original name of the company Picaboo.

Every day Snapchat exchanged about 400 million photos, and current CEO Spiegel, refused the offer of Google and Facebook to buy his project for $ 3 billion.

Brown argues that differences forced him to secretly create a new co-founders of the company to survive it. Spiegel and Murphy called the lawsuit “frivolous.”


microsoft_divorces_3_thumb From Microsoft to Snapchat and Twitter: the five largest technology divorces

As they say, the idea of ​​Twitter came out of a conversation between two boys, dropped out of college, sitting in the car one rainy day on Mission Street in San Francisco. Seven years later, Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey), one of the former students, earned $ 1.5 billion in an initial public offering of shares in the company. Noah Glass (Noah Glass) was about the same as the Secretary of Dorsey. The market capitalization of Twitter is almost $ 40 billion.

According to Glass, Dorsey drove him out of the company to get on it full control. In an interview with Bussiness Insider, he tells about the conflict: “I did not himself created Twitter. He appeared in the conversations. But I know that without me, Twitter would not exist. ” Twitter Noah Glass still says: “I started it.”

Dorsey has denied responsibility for the dismissal of Glass, arguing “that he had no such leverage” in the company.

Infomercial Twitter, posted on YouTube by Noah Glass and his associates in 2006, with the participation of another co-founder of Twitter Biza Stone (Biz Stone.).


billgates-895601_thumb From Microsoft to Snapchat and Twitter: the five largest technology divorces

Paul Allen met Bill Gates, who was almost three years younger than him, in the Lakeside High School in Seattle. From love tied to computers and in 1975, when Allen was 22, and Gates 19, they founded Microsoft.

In the book , published in 2011, he said Paul Allen, Gates tried to cheat him in a share of the company, and in fact while Allen was suffering from cancer. He says that overheard Gates discussing the possibility of reducing its stake in the company, he burst into the room, shouting: “This is unbelievable! So, what’s your true nature. ”

“My memories of these events may differ from Paul’s memories, but I appreciate his friendship and contributions he has made ​​to the world of technology and Microsoft», wrote Gates in a statement to the Wall Street Journal.

The relationship has not recovered, Allen refused to sell its stake in the company, and it is a wise thing to do. In 1986, when Microsoft «came out in the world”, he became one of the richest men in the world. Allen has fallen slightly in the rankings since then, however, its capital still amounts to about $ 15 billion.

4. Apple and Google

microsoft_divorces_4_thumb From Microsoft to Snapchat and Twitter: the five largest technology divorces

The split between Steve Jobs of Apple and Eric Schmidt of Google has become a major wars brands in the technology industry. Schmidt was forced to resign his office on to Apple in 2009 after he led Google’s mobile phone market with Android-competing products.

Schmidt still claims that Google’s Android project appeared before as Apple started developing iPhone. Before his death in 2011, Jobs was adamant that Google’s Android robbed iPhone. In the biography of Apple CEO cited his next words:

I to the last breath, to the last penny in $ 40 billion bank Apple will try to correct this injustice … I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I am even ready to unleash a nuclear war

5. Facebook

microsoft_divorces_5_thumb From Microsoft to Snapchat and Twitter: the five largest technology divorces

Mark Zuckerberg was surrounded by enemies since the inception of the social network in 2004. First it was Eduardo Saverin (Eduardo Saverin), chief financial officer of the company and its business manager. Brazilian-born Saverin met Zuckerberg at Harvard, he has invested in the project about $ 15,000 of personal wealth. He claims that after Zuckerberg secretly trying to reduce its stake in the company. Saverin sued Facebook, but the suit was settled out of court, and signed a confidentiality agreement.

And, of course, the Winklevoss twins (Winklevoss), the founders of the Harvard social network ConnectU, they studied together with Zuckerberg. They claim that he stole their idea of ​​Facebook. In 2004, the brothers also filed a lawsuit against the company and won about $ 65 million.

Various twists and turns in the relatively short history of Facebook byly reflected in the film “The Social Network”, which Zuckerberg refuses to look.

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