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How to Fix iPhone 7 Reboot Problems.

Follow 5 Simple steps to make your iPhone work like a New Machine again


How to Fix iPhone 7 Reboot Problems.

It is a fact well know that not all innovations are perfect. Same goes for any electronic device you may possess right now.
If your iPhone is giving you some challenge such as a constant reboot or restarting by itself, then you must take appropriate action to resolve this as soon as possible.

Some reasons why your iPhone may keep restarting itself every few seconds may be because of restoration from backup, jailbreak, iOs10/9.x or iOs8.x update and other uncommon reasons. When your iPhone is going through this defect – there were certain abnormal iPhone reboot cycles while it doesn’t return to its Home screen.

Old How to Fix iPhone 7 Reboot Problems.

In this guide, you will discover some effective ways on how you can fix iPhone reboot problems you may be having right now.

1. Demand for a replacement.

If for instance, you just got a new iPhone or you are under the warranty that covers users, you can ask for a replacement of a new one. This can be the easiest way to fix this challenge.

2. Reset iPhone to factory settings.

You can try this tactic, it has worked for some people having a similar problem. By resetting your iPhone back to the factory settings, you may be successful in tackling this challenge. To do this, go to the settings of your iPhone, tap on ‘General’, next tap on ‘Reset’ and finally on ‘Reset all Settings’. You are done. This might work for you.

3. Reboot your iPhone.

This one is a simple method by which you can fix this problem.
To do this, just hold the power button plus the home button simultaneously for few seconds, this should help you in fixing this problem – if it doesn’t, try another method.

4. Remove Faulty App(s).

Some apps can be bad for the proper functioning of your iPhone and this may be responsible for the problem you have at hand. If you just download a new app, you can try to delete it first and then reboot your device. Just delete the suspected app, reboot your iPhone, Sync it with iTunes and check if this helps.

5. Restore from an old backup.

In case you are still struggling with this continuous reboot challenge, you can try this technique. Connect your iPhone to iTunes on your system, then restore from an old backup. It should be back to its normal state with this action.

6. Use the ReiBoot tool.

This is a powerful tool that should get you result. Download ReiBoot for free and install it on your Windows computer, then connect your iPhone to your computer via a USB cord – run the ReiBoot, click ‘Enter Recovery Mode’, after this has been successful, click ‘Exit Recovery Mode’ and wait for few seconds, the ReiBoot will force your iPhone to restart. It should operate normally with this procedure.

What if all these methods fail to work? Then there is a serious problem. Take your iPhone to any Apple Store near you.

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