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How To Fix Cydia Substrate after iOS 10 Jailbreak


How To Fix Cydia Substrate after iOS 10 Jailbreak

Many users who have jailbroken iOS 10.1.1 using Yalu have a problem using some tweaks. Here’s how you can fix Cydia substrate for iOS 10.

In this guide, we are here for your assistance in the fixing of Cydia Substrate after iOS 10.1.1 Jailbreak on your iPad and iPhone. Cydia Substrate is among the major changes you should have after jailbreaking your device. However, iOS 10 Cydia Substrate was not compatible to Yalu iOS 10.1.1 Jailbreak. For iOS 10 users, we are going to share unofficial tricks to Cydia Substrate restore.

iOS-10.2-Cydia-download-with-code-injection-750x421 How To Fix Cydia Substrate after iOS 10 Jailbreak

How to restore the Cydia Substrate after jailbreaking iOS 10

Recently, Yalo jailbreak tool for iOS 10.1.1 was released with limited support for iPad Pro, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 7 devices. In addition, a lot of people have been jailbreaking iOS 10.1.1 on their devices. So as the tool was released early, Cydia creator Saurik was unable to update the Cydia substrate as the majority of the tweaks runs on it.

As iOS 10.1.1 Yalu Jailbreak is pre-mature by nature, we have told about the results to the users already. But now, we are going to fix things step by step. Since Yalu iOS 10.1.1 is a semi-tethered jailbreak, you should run jailbreak exploit whenever you restart your device. In addition, Yalu iOS 10.1.1 has a lot of quests and questions for other developers. It’s not the time to dig into jailbreak history here. Let’s get started.

cydia-substrate-750x437 How To Fix Cydia Substrate after iOS 10 Jailbreak

Getting Cydia Substrate on iOS 10 Jailbreak Restored

Here are the steps on how to restore Cydia Substrate on your iOS 10 running on a handful of iPad and iPhone devices. If you are fortunate to have Cydia on your iOS device, follow the guide.

Caution – We are going to share unofficial tricks and hacks which may cause trouble in your device. You may even have to reinstall iOS firmware or it can even brick your device. If you are a newbie iOS user, we don’t recommend installing it. The developers must be busy on fixing Cydia Substrate for the end users. We are hoping to get it fixed on next official update.

For the time being, if you want to fix it now, follow these steps. Keep in mind that it can leave you nowhere if something wrong happens. Currently, Yalu iOS 10.1.1 Jailbreak is available in beta and the jailbreak exploit is fixed by Apple in iOS 10.2 firmware update.

Steps to Fix Cydia Substrate on iOS 10 Jailbreak

Here’s the quick guide to fixing Cydia Substrate on your device running iOS 10 jailbreak –

  • First of all, jailbreak iOS 10 on your device with Yalu + Mach_Portal.
  • Now, it’s time to launch Cydia and load all the sources. Then, add a new private source to fix Cydia Substrate.
  • Add this source to your Cydia –

ijapija00-750x646 How To Fix Cydia Substrate after iOS 10 Jailbreak

  • Refresh your Cydia sources and let it get the changes from new repository.
  • Look for “Substrate Fix for iOS 10”.

install-substrate-fix-750x476 How To Fix Cydia Substrate after iOS 10 Jailbreak

  • Once the installation of Substrate Fix is done, you will be prompted to re-spring or reboot the device to ensure that Substrate is enabled on your device which has iOS 10 Jailbreak.

This is all you need to do. Currently, Yalu iOS 10.1.1 is too premature to try. Every user is going to make Jailbreak tools and tweaks work with the new tool.  We would recommend you to do it carefully or better if you hold up till the bugs are fixed officially.

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