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Five Things We Would Love To See On The Next AirPods

Apple AirPods


Five Things We Would Love To See On The Next AirPods

Apple’s AirPods are certainly one of the smartest inventions of the last year. But, are they exactly the perfect earphones? Well, the most important thing about a perfect gadget is that the users can derive the maximum possible utility out of it and that happens when there is some room left for improvisation. Apple is one company that is known for improving its gadgets over the years and yes we would love to see Apple adding something more to the AirPod in future. But what can Apple add to the immensely popular AirPods? Here’s a list of five things that Apple should introduce in the next AirPods.

Add Colours To Make It Look Sassy

This is one serious problem that Apple has never paid any heed to. The White colour of the AirPod gives away an impression that the man wearing them is going to his office and that you would never imagine a man with AirPods, who will identify himself as the late night party kind of guy. On the other hand, if you spot a Jebra Elite Sport in a guy’s ears, the first impression that comes to your mind will be ‘is that guy onto a secret mission to save the planet?’ This is what I am talking about, the next version of AirPods should come with sassy and cool colour options.

2-10-750x422 Five Things We Would Love To See On The Next AirPods

Add More Gestures To Expand The Touch Controls

Talking to oneself in public gives away the cover you have been successfully hidden in till now. The double tap action on AirPod activates Siri and it works only when you ask it to do something. So to change a music track in public you need to wake Siri and then ask her to do it for you. Come on Apple you could have added some more actions to control my devices without even disturbing the overly sassy Siri.

A Lost AirPods Tracker

What would be an AirrPods user’s biggest fear? The answer would be to lose a $69 worth earpiece. There is no chance a user would dare to again spend this much amount on buying AirPods to lose it again. “Find My iPhone” is the best tracker out there in the market to track a lost smartphone and seeing the cost of a set of AirPods it seems legit on Apple’s part to introduce a similar tracking feature for a slippery and glossy AirPods.

Better Sound Quality.

AirPods are not meant for everyone, hardcore audiophiles will never buy Apple’s AirPod. Why? Because of its sound quality. Yes, It’s true that $69 worth AirPod delivers sounds like cheap wired earphones that come inside the box of a cheap Android smartphone. If Apple has to increase the sale of its AirPods then it has to do something in the direction of adding more quality sound to its overly priced (yes I know I am committing a sacrilege, but it is true) AirPods.

1-13-750x422 Five Things We Would Love To See On The Next AirPods

Long Lasting Battery Life

Every smartphone manufacturer is devoting its assets to add battery boosts or fast charging to their upcoming smartphones and then we have AirPods, with a full charge, AirPod last around 4-5 hours. 4-5 hours of battery life is not good for an earpiece. It won’t even last for a weekend’s trip to your gym. Other similar devices, like Jebra sport, are already delivering a battery life of about 6 hours. Apple is the leader of the market in innovation and we certainly can’t understand why a set of $159 worth AirPods should house such a disappointing battery life.

Do you’ve any more suggestions? Do let us know by posting your comments below.

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