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Fancy making Instagram photos Christmassy? Here’s how


Fancy making Instagram photos Christmassy? Here’s how

Fancy making Instagram photos Christmassy? Here’s how:

Bells are ringing around the corner and people have started to feel the color of red. Yes, it is Christmas time and all of us have already started to be a part of this big fest. It is time to tie a knot on your socks and might your wish will come true.

Social media have also made the contribution towards the festival and recently Instagram has added new stickers and videos in the filters to give you a Christmassy feeling. It also added few more options so that you can change the location, time, and weather forecast. With this editing tools, users will able to add stickers to their Instagram post and stories which will give information about when and where it was clicked.

Body-Insta-head-750x363 Fancy making Instagram photos Christmassy? Here's how

How to use Christmas stickers on Instagram

Instagram made it easy to use these stickers, tap on the smiley face icon in the top right corner of the camera within the Instagram application. There are so many to select from with current weather, time, location with specific time. Instagram has a limited time offer for specific stickers such as Christmas tree, Christmas sweaters, candy, a dreidel or a gingerbread man.

Body-Insta-422x750 Fancy making Instagram photos Christmassy? Here's how

You can also add these stickers will on story mode. You can save your updates of the last 24 hours edited with text boxes for them. Collectively you can make a story of all the pictures that you have clicked with a limited number of them and show it as a complete story.

These are the new changes that Instagram has come up with and the spokesman shared the internal information that they are working on more creative tools. They targeted specific people who like to share more photos and videos on social networks.

It is a season of celebration and Instagram gave us a reason to enjoy it with a Click.

Merry Christmas!

Source: iCulture
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