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Facebook Messenger gets new inbox-like design


Facebook Messenger gets new inbox-like design

Facebook gives his chat app Messenger today a makeover. The new design should ensure that the main window is more or less similar to an inbox.

facebook-messenger-inbox-580x375_thumb Facebook Messenger gets new inbox-like design

Facebook Messenger inbox

“So far have not been able to keep most of the inbox services how people come into contact with each other,” wrote Facebook on his blog . “So we have considered how we can make it simpler and easier for you to start a conversation.”

The new update will be available from today on the Facebook Messenger app . The start page is restructured. This means that the page chats is classified as a type of mailbox. At the top are the latest conversations you have had with others. Underneath is a window of favorites. These are people who you frequently send messages.

Screenshots shows that you can see in the chat window who have birthday today. That Facebook still hopes more people congratulating each other and thus become busy. You can also see directly from the main screen who is online. There is a number indicating the number and then there are green balls that hint at the online attendees of contacts.

Soccer Game

Facebook has something new added to the Messenger app. Because the European Championship is currently in France, users can now play a football game. Just send a soccer emoji to a friend via chat app. When you tap it, you can play the game. The intention is that the ball image upholds as long as possible. You do this by tapping on it, which is quite difficult because the ball bounces all fast everywhere. Do not touch him, then you immediately.

With this game you can try to get high scores to beat your friends. Again a way of Facebook to boost the Messenger app.

chart?cht=qr& Facebook Messenger gets new inbox-like design
175x175bb Facebook Messenger gets new inbox-like design
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