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Don’t Purchase The Apple AirPods : Here’s Why

Apple AirPods


Don’t Purchase The Apple AirPods : Here’s Why

Apple AirPods have gone on sale and crowd is already gaga over it. These $159 babies went on sale this Monday and are in such high demand that the estimated delivery dates have been pushed from one week to a few weeks right now. The AirPods can seamlessly connect with all of your Apple products like the MacBook, Apple Watch or your iPhone.

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Apple AirPods have been heavily praised by various reviewers because of their great sound quality as well as comfortable fit and great aesthetics. Apple has been even generous enough to provide you with a replacement for one of the AirPods in case you lose one of them for just $69. However, before you go on to purchase the Apple AirPods, please consider these so as to make an informed decision. Here are few reasons why you shouldn’t buy the Apple AirPods:

Lack of Gestures

Since the AirPods are wireless, so it’s obvious that there aren’t any physical buttons to pause/play or increase/decrease the volume. However, they could’ve added gestures like swiping your finger upward to turn up the volume, and down – to turn the volume down, touching the top of AirPod to bring up Siri, etc.

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Siri or Playback

Double tapping your AirPods can either activate the Apple voice assistant Siri or pause playback/play music. You can either choose to keep Siri or playback/play music, but not both. This is a huge limitation.

Switching Audio Sources

As you already know, the AirPods can automatically connect to all of your nearby Apple products once you open the cover. The AirPods are simultaneously connected to all your Apple devices and you can easily switch between them. But there is no dedicated switch or panel to select the sound source and the interface causes delay which often makes the selection of the sound source complicated.

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Unplugging One AirPod

If you happen to take out one of the AirPods or if one of the AirPod accidentally falls off, then the playback automatically stops. While this feature will come in handy if you wish to talk to people. It will even help users from losing one of the AirPods. But it will more than often prove to be a huge inconvenience.

Here’s everything you need to know about AirPods:

These are my views. What do you think of the Apple AirPods? Please do let us know.

Source: Macdigger

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