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How to Convert “Doc/Docx to PDF” on Mac [2 Ways]


How to Convert “Doc/Docx to PDF” on Mac [2 Ways]

Everybody wants their data to be secured and want to read it more efficiently. There are many ways to do that, first of them all is convert your DocX files into PDF, the advantage of this is you can easily read the document and your data would be safe without been modified or altered.  First of them all let’s learn the basic

DOCX is the extension of Microsoft document file, It is the default file extension for any document created in Microsoft Word.

If you happen to have a number of .docx files in your Mac and would like people to only have read access to them, the best way is to convert them to PDF format so others can access them without having to install an office suite.

While there are multiple ways to convert a DOCX file to PDF, the most convenient and fastest way is described below. The reason I call it the fastest way is because it only requires right-clicking on the DOCX  file.

Why PDF:

  • Can read in any OS
  • Microsoft office suite is NOT required and preserve in original format
  • Easy to transfer/download online

How To Convert Word files (DOC/DOCX) to PDF in macOS ( Easiest way )

Method #1: If you need to convert a file from Word to PDF you probably select print to PDF from Word but when you need to convert multiple files you need to script it.

You are going to create an Automator script that will handle the DOCX to PDF conversion for you.

  • LaunchAutomator‘ on your Mac.

automator How to Convert "Doc/Docx to PDF" on Mac [2 Ways]

  • Select Service and click Choose to create a new document that is a service

Screen-Shot-2016-08-29-at-10.51.44-PM-1024x1001 How to Convert "Doc/Docx to PDF" on Mac [2 Ways]

  • You are ready to create your script. First, select “files or folders” from the “Service receives selected” drop-down menu, and then select “Finder” from the “in” drop-down menu.

Screen-Shot-2016-08-29-at-10.52.53-PM-1024x115 How to Convert "Doc/Docx to PDF" on Mac [2 Ways]

  • Now, drag and drop the action labeled as “Get Specified Finder Items” from the left-panel over to the workflow that is on the right.

Screen-Shot-2016-08-29-at-10.54.04-PM-1024x536 How to Convert "Doc/Docx to PDF" on Mac [2 Ways]

  • Drag and drop an action named “Run Shell Script” from the left-panel onto the right-panel that is called workflow.

shell How to Convert "Doc/Docx to PDF" on Mac [2 Ways]

  • Focus on the Run Shell Script action in the workflow, and click on the drop-down menu labeled as “Pass input” and change it to “as arguments.”

arguments How to Convert "Doc/Docx to PDF" on Mac [2 Ways]

  • Here comes the main part of the procedure. You need to copy the following script and paste it into the Run Shell Script box on your workflow. This is the script that actually does the process of converting a DOCX file to PDF.
# Jacob Salmela
# 2016-03-12
# Convert annoying DOCX into PDFs with a right-click
# Run this as an Automator Service
###### SCRIPT #######
for f in "$@"
# Get the full file PATH without the extension
# Convert the DOCX to HTML, which cupsfilter knows how to turn into a PDF
textutil -convert html -output "$filepathWithoutExtension.html" "$f"
# Convert the file into a PDF
cupsfilter "$filepathWithoutExtension.html" > "$filepathWithoutExtension.pdf"
# Remove the temporary HTML file
rm "$filepathWithoutExtension.html" >/dev/null
# Uncomment the following line to remove the original file, leaving only the PDF
# rm "$f" >/dev/null

script How to Convert "Doc/Docx to PDF" on Mac [2 Ways]

Note: the script above does not remove the original .docx file. You can uncomment (by removing the “#” in front of the line) the # rm "$f" >/dev/null line to have the original file removed after conversion.

  • Your script is ready, and you need to save it by clicking on the “File” menu followed by “Save…

save How to Convert "Doc/Docx to PDF" on Mac [2 Ways]

  • Enter a name for your service, and click on “Save.” You should enter a meaningful name. I have named it “Convert to PDF” as it is self-explanatory.

name-as-save-to-pdf How to Convert "Doc/Docx to PDF" on Mac [2 Ways]

  • Now that your service is ready to do a conversion, let’s try it on a DOCX file to see if it works.

To perform a conversion, find a DOCX file, right-click on it and select “Services” followed by “Convert to PDF.

easy-convert How to Convert "Doc/Docx to PDF" on Mac [2 Ways]

  • 12. Within a few seconds you should see the output PDF file in the same directory as the original file. You can now access this PDF file using any PDF reader such as Preview.

converted-pdf How to Convert "Doc/Docx to PDF" on Mac [2 Ways]

How to convert your DOCX file into PDF using Microsoft Office 2011 and 2016.

Method #2: There are three ways to achieve the task using Microsoft Office 2011 and 2016.

docxtopdf-featured How to Convert "Doc/Docx to PDF" on Mac [2 Ways]

#1: How to Save a Doc as PDF in Word for Mac

  1. Open the doc file in MS- word
  2. Go to file -> Save As
  3. Give the appropriate name for document
  4. In File Format choose “PDF”

Also you can go to “Share” menu and select “send PDF” which will open an email draft with attachment of the document.

#2: How to Export Doc to PDF in MS-Office for Mac

  1. Open the doc file in MS- word
  2. Go to File -> Export
  3. Select PDF in the file format selection
  4. Choose to Export the doc file as a PDF

Same task can be achieved in other office utilities like Excel and power point as well.

#3. How to Convert Doc to PDF Without MS-Office?

  1. Open the doc file on Mac with TextEdit
  2. Use Print -> choose As PDF to print the file as PDF

You can use above actions to any document in Mac that makes it vital feature

“A desirable option for the task is to have Save as PDF keyboard shortcut

Today we learned how to convert your DOCX files into PDF in 2 methods, hope it’s going to help you if you are trouble finding the steps please shout up, we are listening !

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