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How to configure HomeKit at home?


How to configure HomeKit at home?

OS 10 has brought a lot of new and among them the highly anticipated HomeKit that can control the entire home automation (compatible) of your home thanks to Siri ! Here’s how to configure the solution to Apple !

homekit-logo How to configure HomeKit at home?

Some prerequisites

Before you can use the solution provided by the Cupertino, you will have to fulfill some prerequisites if you want to use it in good conditions.

  • Have compatible home automation elements HomeKit
  • An iPhone / iPad / iPod on iOS 10
  • Have activated Keychain iCloud on your Apple Account
  • Have authorized the “Application  House  ” to use your location data

application-maison-apple How to configure HomeKit at home?

Add parts

Let’s start at the beginning, think about the type of your home and divide your pieces together in order to automate more easily then.

  • Launch the application ”  House
  • Go to the tab parts .
  • Click the small burger  in the upper left corner
  • Then choose Setting parts .
  • Tap Add a room .

It will do more than give a name to your room  and  change your wallpaper  to be able to recognize, as soon as possible.You can then add accessories to your rooms as you like.

pieces-maison-homekit How to configure HomeKit at home?

Add accessories

To add new accessories in the application House and thus to control via HomeKit, you will have to follow these steps for each new accessory:

  • Open the application “Home”
  • Then select “Add attachment” or tap the small “+” .
  • Wait for your accessory appears, then tap it . Allow it might have to ask.
  • Using the camera of your iOS device, scan the code HomeKit eight digits of your accessory.
  • Give it a name (it will be used by Siri) and information on the location where it is to identify it quickly.
  • It remains for you to complete the setup .

Some accessories require mandatory to use the application manufacturer for an optimal configuration.

homekit-acessories How to configure HomeKit at home?

Create scenes

Now that you have added all the rooms in your home and complete all the accessories belonging to it, it’ll just attack you for creating scenes . These are simply the automation of your home  (eg turn the heat on in the morning before getting up ..).

Obviously, the more you have compatible devices HomeKit, more opportunities will be many and varied.

  • Open the application ”  House
  • Then click on the little ”  +  ” in the upper right.
  • Select ”  Add scene “.
  • You can use a suggested scene or create a new one .
  • Touch Add / Remove accessories and make your grub.
  • Hold the accessory to adjust its settings .
  • For an overview of the scene , tap ”  Test scene “.
  • Finally, tap Done .

homekit-scenes-3 How to configure HomeKit at home?

Check your accessories

Finally, your home is fully configured, it remains only you understand the operation and control of your devices via Siri or via the application House .

For Siri , it’s simple, just him talking and give it queries or issues about your home while taking care to use the names you have given to your scenes or accessories.

  • “Turn off the lights in the living room. “
  • “Adjust the brightness to 55%. “
  • “Put the heating on 22 °. “
  • “Did I lock the door? “

siri-homekit-controle How to configure HomeKit at home?

If you want to control your more classic accessories , it is also possible to do this via the application ”  house “, to do this, you just need to:

  • You make the application ”  House
  • You visit a room or in the tab Home
  • Click on an item to activate or adjust

homekit-4 How to configure HomeKit at home?

Share your home

You will certainly not live alone at home, and you can if you want, share your home via the application to people who live with you:

  • Click on the small arrow located on the top left
  • Then select ”  Settings home …
  • Choose your home if you have more
  • Click to invite and send your invitation to your friend

homekit-5 How to configure HomeKit at home?

You’re now able to use HomeKit as you like, have fun and feel free to share with us your favorite scenes!

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