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How to Bypass iPhone Password to access images and messages? [Video]


How to Bypass iPhone Password to access images and messages? [Video]

iPhone users use password or fingerprint for the protection of personal data from prying eyes. Indeed, Apple is doing a lot to protect the confidential information of its customers, but its safety is not 100% guaranteed. We have seen lot of users accessing Android smartphones using different methods or hacks to access users information present on it, but its always difficult on iOS users as its very difficult to crack.

In iOS, starting with iOS 8 and ending last today iOS 10.2 beta 3, contains a vulnerability that allows you to bypass password protection, or fingerprint, and view photos and messages on the iPhone. Because of the vulnerability became known publicly, most likely, Apple will remove it in the near updating iOS. While in Cupertino are preparing the next assembly of the mobile operating system, you can bypass the protection with the help of voice assistant Siri.

maxresdefault-9 How to Bypass iPhone Password to access images and messages? [Video]

In order to gain access to the photos and reports, you need to know the victim’s phone number. To do this, simply call and ask Siri: “Who am I?”. Personal Assistant to respond, indicating not only the name of the owner of the device, and the phone number. After receiving a phone number in just a few simple steps, you can go to the message and view a gallery of photos stored on the iPhone.

Here’s a guide ,

How to ByPass iPhone Password to Access Photos and Contacts?

  1. Call the number on the victim’s cellular, or via FaceTime.
  2. Once on the iPhone screen will display the icon, click on it and go to the interface to create a new message.
  3. Call of Siri, hold down the Home button and ask the assistant to activate the Voiceover feature.
  4. Back in the box set of messages, you need to double tap on the line entering the recipient’s name, hold the second press and hold and press on the keyboard. This manipulation can not get the first time, so you need to move will be repeated as long as the iPhone screen over the keyboard does not appear animation feature “Slide to unlock”.
  5. Once again this will need to call and ask Siri to turn off Voice Over.
  6. Next you need to hold down the input line in the message box, set the name that appears and click on the icon “i”.
  7. Having access to the messages, the user can click on any contact, opening all previous correspondence smartphone users with it.
  8. To access the gallery, in the open window to create a new contact to which you can snap a photo. To select an image in the system user will miss the gallery of photos even on a locked iPhone.

How to Fix Bypass iPhone Password Vulnerability :

There is no official vulnerabilities fix, you can protect yourself by disabling the ability to Siri call on the lock screen. To do this, go to the iPhone Settings, then go to the section > Touch ID and password” and deactivate the slider opposite Siri in paragraph “Access to the lock screen.”

Step 1: Go to iPhone / iPad settings >  Touch ID and Password

Step 2: Then de activate the slider “Siri” you will find in “Access to the lock screen”

iOS-Screenshot-20161121-225254-1 How to Bypass iPhone Password to access images and messages? [Video]


You can watch this Video Demonstration:

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