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Apple just released iOS 10 Public Beta 2, What’s new !

iOS 10

Apple just released iOS 10 Public Beta 2, What’s new !

Apple follows Monday’s release of the third developer beta version of IOS 10 and gives so today, after two days, iOS 10 Public Beta 2, which is designed for all public testers, so for users who want a new system to test prior to release, which is scheduled for the autumn. If you have already installed the first Public Beta and therefore you already have a profile on your device, then there is nothing easier than to go to Settings -> General -> UpdateSoftware and here iOS 10 Public Beta 2 download and install

All others who are in public testing have not yet, but are interested must register  here . On this website you will learn all the important information that the beta test you need to know. Participation in this program is absolutely free. The only thing Apple emphasizes is that people really do not install this software on your primary device. For any problems the company is not liable.

News in iOS 10 Public Beta 2:

  1. New keys sound from iOS 10 Beta 1 is back (in Beta 2 was removed)
  2. iPhone alerts you recently, when the moisture in the Lightning port, and prompts you to accessories (charger) removed
  3. The “Activate by holding your finger” in  Settings  ->  General  ->  Accessibility  ->  Key areas  now finally works with the iPhone and Touch ID can be unlocked without pressing the Home button yet
  4. When the iPhone lock side Power button, you hear a new sound lock and the phone vibrates through haptic bike for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus
  5. New animation when downloading blinds control center
  6. When pushed to the notification of the new option appears see a post that you directly into the application, and if you click off notification, and newly disappear
  7. Font for the 3D Touch offers for applications is now darker
  8. If using 3D Touch pushing the application icon from the App Store, access the “Share + application name”.Previously it was only a “Share”
  9. If the application has its own 3D touch menu, so select “Share” does not show
  10. The third beta is again possible to make a round component because of the special wallpaper
  11. The new beta supports AR mode in Pokémon GO
  12. Widgets are now significantly larger iPad
  13. Widgets finally working properly, before the vast majority of users seeing all the content in them
  14. Animations are a little faster
  15. On the lock screen can be moved sideways when you play a song from the Music app
  16. If you enclose Touch ID on the wrong finger, the phone vibrates through the haptic bike
  17. The Apple Music Playlist changed at “Add” button on the “Subscribe”
  18. Music app shows how many songs you have on your phone
  19. Altered button to shuffle songs (color and icon added)
  20. When searching through the Apple Music elections “Your Library” and “Apple Music” and reversed the first-mentioned renamed
  21. Search is also a new option “Delete” to erase all recent searches
  22. New animations when moving songs in the queue
  23. When pushed on the track will appear revised offer (it is smaller and combined) as well as directly in play when you click on the bottom right ellipsis
  24. “Downloading” is again renamed to “Downloaded music” then this option can hide
  25. In the Photos application, click on a particular icon photo sharing, so there is a new menu “Add to iCloud Drive”
  26. The Messaging application shows the whole number, name or email
  27. Contacts icon without photos are altered appearance
  28. Photos in the browser iMessage conversations are not trimmed, but the whole show
  29. Cleaner look at the menu GIFs
  30. Icon to start the cooperation on the note is amended
  31. In the control center when pressing the icon timer are icons and text in 3D Touch offers a slightly stronger
  32. At 16 gigabytes is about 10MB more
  33. In setting Siri is a new option “Support”, which appears in applications that use Siri and will be for you to send data to Apple
  34. If you open the application, Health and will offer you, whether you want to share your data with Apple. This option can always be turned on / off in  Settings  ->  Privacy  ->  Diagnostics and recovery
  35. The activity is now about what is accompanying video
  36. The control center for HomeKit has a slightly modified look. Changed the main icon and the icons and text accessories are darker. Text “Accessories” is no longer truncated
  37. iPad can now be used as a hub for HomeKit accessories. So far, so it was possible to use only Apple TV
  38. Haptic response already suspends music
  39. When pushed to the notification in the Messaging application is already widespread notification does not get stuck
  40. In Geekbench is a new beta slightly less performance

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