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Apple Might Soon Come Up With A Folding iPhone

iPhone 7


Apple Might Soon Come Up With A Folding iPhone

Apple iPhone 7 is curently selling like hot cakes in the global smartphone market and is on its way of becoming one of the most successful iPhones of all time, but even the iPhone 7 hasn’t escaped the criticisms of the experts. Apple has drawn huge flak from various corners for not being innovative enough. Many would argue that the iPhone 7 is very much similar to the iPhone 6s and except for some minor improvements, the iPhone 7 doesn’t bring anything new to the plate.

However, Apple seems to be in a mood to change all this very soon with its future iPhones. According to Patently Apple, the Cupertino giant has successfully patented a foldable/bendable iPhone. The diagrams show a foldable device which bends along a flexible seam associated with a hinge. The report suggests that such an idea has been Apple’s mind since a very long time and the company had been trying to get the patent since 2013. According to the USPTO, Apple had even applied for this patent titled  “Electronic devices with carbon nanotube printed circuits” unsuccessfully in 2014. Now that Apple has received the patent rights, we should expect something exciting in a couple of years. Apple was unavailable to comment on this, so we still have no idea when this technology will be incorporated in an iPhone.

Screenshot-26-1-750x537 Apple Might Soon Come Up With A Folding iPhone

Now that the big giants like Apple and Samsung are all gearing up for bringing in new innovations to the smartphones, when everyone was thinking that the smartphone market had reached a saturation point, the future of the smartphones look more bright. Samsung had also recently acquired the patent rights for Contact Lens Augmented-Reality displays. Although, both the AR displays and foldable screens are still a bit far away, but it’s good to know that what we’re heading for.

This is it for now, stay tuned to Technohacker for more news and updates.

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