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Apple just introduced iOS 10 with a ton of new features


Apple just introduced iOS 10 with a ton of new features

The most anticipated performance of the evening there. Apple is now at its developer conference WWDC 2016 demonstrated alongside other news, a new iOS 10 that on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch brings a lot of new features and enhancements. From the tenth version of Apple’s mobile system expected a lot, but in the last moment, almost nobody knew what the forthcoming iOS 10 will bring and what innovations can we look forward to. But Apple has just told the world, so let’s see what we await the new system and therefore what developers throughout the year in Cupertino worked.

New look
At first glance, the most striking, and for some perhaps one of the most welcome news – the appearance of the system. It is a relatively large changes, with Andy and the user interface design is still floating on the waves iOS seventh tenth version of the system is a little more colorful, which we know mainly on notifications. Newly fact significantly improved and especially on the lock screen function essentially as widgets and show so much more information. Design changes were made ​​as well as the control and notification center. For example, a notification center can now move to the sides and use the other as a control center of other applications, even those from the App Store.

printscreen-2016-06-13-v-19.53.45-e1465846222877 Apple just introduced iOS 10 with a ton of new features
printscreen-2016-06-13-v-19.53.25-e1465846243967 Apple just introduced iOS 10 with a ton of new features

3D Touch
huge changes has enjoyed the support of 3D Touch. Newly already compression application icon appears just boring menu, but previews of applications that, for example, show different data or even animations. 3D Touch lived to see the big news across iOS 10 and we can do nothing else than now to discover what’s new 3D Touch is capable of.

printscreen-2016-06-13-v-19.54.52 Apple just introduced iOS 10 with a ton of new features

Improved Photos App
some useful changes were made ​​and the Photos app, find all photos that your iPhone’s camera, or downloaded into it. It is now possible to edit photos even more. And added several tools that example, lets you add text or images directly into the picture. Newly Siri, for example, identifies and location, or animals that are in the photographs and intelligently so combined, and even connect with others, like photographs. To the Photos app, were joined by new bookmark Memories , in which you create a kind of album to which you assign the video and here you collect all the photos and videos you want. Alba then you name it, create a preview clip and to him and his music.

printscreen-2016-06-13-v-20.02.30-e1465846197472 Apple just introduced iOS 10 with a ton of new features

Improved iMessage
iMessage, contrary to popular WhatsApp Messenger, or not very good, which is Apple’s iOS 10 has changed.Developers do so iMessage added many new features. Among the main innovations with us so far unused, to the possibility of sending money directly through the iMessage. The application is also now possible to add various effects to individual messages on a full screen or a different highlight. There is also a sticker similar to a messenger or large emoticons, which are also known from other applications. The big advantage of the new insights into the links and videos from the Web. Some even welcome the opportunity to draw different animations directly on the iPhone screen and send them to your friends or the ability to replace text smileys, which is more just for fun. From today, Apple also opens the Messaging application developers, so you can find various stickers and emoticons to iMessage in the App Store.

printscreen-2016-06-13-v-20.25.46-e1465846175151 Apple just introduced iOS 10 with a ton of new features

New Apple Music
Part 10 iOS is of course the new version of Apple Music, which can be found in the Music app. It brings the system like some news regarding the design, but we waited and simpler user interface that is enjoyable and especially to improve the use of the service. More news in the Apple Music can be read in a separate article, where we tackle them in detail.

Apple Maps
major changes after a few years and they enjoy an Apple Maps. Although newly prozratím offer the feature form from Google Street View, ie the ability to view directly on your iPhone or iPad 3D view from the street, as has been speculated, but have learned to other news. They have easier handling and have a special bar that pulls from the bottom as the control center. Apple Maps, for example, you can also display selected nearby restaurants or intelligently calculate at what gas station you should stop.

printscreen-2016-06-13-v-20.07.23-e1465846152654 Apple just introduced iOS 10 with a ton of new features

HomeKit application
to iOS and added 10 standalone application HomeKit which newly ensures control of all smart accessories that households at once. Applications Apple succeeded at first glance. It offers a fresh design from one screen to control everything in your home. If you need someone now rings at your door, you pop up a notification and you can peek directly to your iPhone camera, who stands at the door and unlocked his door pass. HomeKit application is also available as a control center when the eject bar on the iPhone from top to bottom. HomeKit from today supports more clever accessories such as the aforementioned bells, cameras or even air conditioning.

printscreen-2016-06-13-v-20.21.51-e1465845390499 Apple just introduced iOS 10 with a ton of new features

Under the hood
As is customary, the new system brings a ton of news related to security, acceleration and debugging system.Apple at the conference boasted that now all the applications in the system default encrypted. We can also calculate the acceleration system.

Another new
iOS 10 obviously brings more news than just those listed above. Significant changes have also been made ​​Siri, which is now available for developers and it is therefore also appear in applications downloaded from the App Store.

But the news is the system even more like the ability to split the Safari on iPad in two and give your best on each side panel with a web page, then select edit Live Photos, improved notes, enhanced Mail, and a ton more. Most of them had at Apple conference doesn’t manage to imagine, but now we are the new iOS 10 in the newsroom and download during today and tomorrow will show you all the news that the latest mobile system from Apple delivers.

printscreen-2016-06-13-v-20.40.59-e1465846132788 Apple just introduced iOS 10 with a ton of new features

The issue date and compatibility
For now, the new system will be available only to developers, and now this evening, but during the summer it will be able to try each of us as a public beta tester. For all users, it will be 10 new iOS available this fall with the launch of sales of the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Regarding compatibility, iOS 10 will be available for the iPhone 5 and later, iPad 4 and newer, iPad mini 2 and newer, iPod touch, 6th generation. Unfortunately, the iPhone 4S this time the support was forthcoming, although in recent years, and still held it was available the latest system.

printscreen-2016-06-13-v-20.45.21-e1465846112857 Apple just introduced iOS 10 with a ton of new features

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