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Apple just introduced a refurbished Apple Music


Apple just introduced a refurbished Apple Music

Exactly one year ago at WWDC 2015 Apple has shown for the first time a music streaming service Apple Music. Many users have complained during use, the service is messy and imperfect. All year long, as Apple tried Apple Music at least a little tweak and actually he even partly succeeded, but they somehow expected to show a larger pack that will cost really worth it and improve service to more fundamentally and finally we waited. Apple is just a little while ago at WWDC 2016 Apple revealed a new music with lots of news.

At first glance, it is apparent in essence, the biggest news – a new look. The user interface is more intuitive, easier and puts emphasis on highlighting black and white. Overall highlighted particular album, mainly their packaging. Newly as previewing the album does not change color depending on the particular artist, but the covers are larger and therefore stronger, and if they play, so if buoyancy. More significant are all texts, because they are bigger and fatter.

printscreen-2016-06-13-v-20.11.18 Apple just introduced a refurbished Apple Music

A completely new feature is the extensive support lyrics. Users Apple Music is interested in reading the lyrics while listening, so they satisfy Apple, so do not have to spend time searching on the Internet. Thus, Apple has integrated text to the service itself and now you can view them in while playing. Songs with supporting text but so far not many, would be gradually grow and hopefully we will see them even albums from Czech artists.

printscreen-2016-06-13-v-20.13.19 Apple just introduced a refurbished Apple Music

The new version of Apple Music We also got rid of the tab “New”, since Apple replaced it with a tab titled “Browse”.It offers better organizational tools for finding new content, ie artists, warehouse and albums that you can enjoy and which thus add to your library for regular listening. Simplified was also a section of “For You” and Apple removed the “Connect” So the social network, which almost never active RIP. Apple recently he has integrated Apple Music deeper and find her way only to those users, about her are truly interested.

printscreen-2016-06-13-v-20.15.23 Apple just introduced a refurbished Apple Music

The new version of Apple’s music is available for developers this evening as part of a new 10 iOS and OS X 10.12 or the new iTunes. Regular users will also see her in the autumn of this year, when Apple releases iOS and OS X 10 10.12 for all users. Detailing the latest new Apple Music, we will during the course of today and tomorrow to inform, because we are going to install new systems to be able to try out all the news and show them to you.

applemusic2-fb Apple just introduced a refurbished Apple Music

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