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Apple AirPod: What Happens If You Lose One Of The AirPods ?



Apple AirPod: What Happens If You Lose One Of The AirPods ?

Apple went jackless with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and as soon as this was confirmed, we knew some wireless Apple earphones were bound to come. Apple didn’t disappoint us and unveiled the Apple AirPod along with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Something which is common to all Apple products is a hefty price tag and the Apple AirPod stands no exception to it.

The Apple AirPods bear an insanely high price of $159 for the complete package which includes the pair of AirPods and a charging case. But these earbuds are very small and don’t come with any clip of some sort. Although Apple has provided for some mechanisms to ensure you don’t lose them, for example, if you happen to be listening to music and one of the AirPods falls off, the music will automatically stop. However, Apple says that this feature has been designed not to alert you, but instead allow you to talk with someone by just plugging off one of the AirPod.

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A question which has been doing rounds is what would happen if you lose one of these buggers. Would you’ve to purchase the complete set or Apple would provide for just one of the AirPods? Various rumours were circulating but Apple has put all these to rest by issuing its repair and replacement costs for the Apple AirPods.

1-1-750x372 Apple AirPod: What Happens If You Lose One Of The AirPods ?

As you can see Apple has been generous enough not to charge the whole goddamn $159 in case you lose one AirPod. You’ll be charged just $69 for a replacement for one of the AirPods or the charging case in case you happen to lose them. Also, you can get the battery of your AirPod or your charging case serviced at $49. This doesn’t seem such a bad deal. Also, please note that all the rumours about features like ‘Find My iPhone’ were just a hoax and Apple isn’t providing any AppleCare+ for the AirPods. It’s just the standard one-year warranty. The shipping of the AirPods have been delayed due to the extremely high demand, so if you treat your AirPods with utmost care once you receive them.

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