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7 steps before purchasing the new battery bank, that will prevent from exploding.


7 steps before purchasing the new battery bank, that will prevent from exploding.

There have been many fire and explosions of battery banks, so we are worried about the choice of rechargeable battery as it acts as Time Bomb but it is not ! In fact, we have to think about the battery and we have to follow these simple 7 steps before purchasing the new battery bank.

1. Select the appropriate capacity

Many people will select big and think “bigger is better” but we are against the bigger high-capacity battery bank. Its always difficult to carry and it should be more convenient to be held in a bag. If the capacity is big, Long-term life of the battery will not be good thing.

2. The Battery Bank Brand:

We get a lot of portable battery banks at low price, and its even with same capacity offered by high brands where the price is high, it is due to design and housing materials, the difference is the price and quality. Cheapest battery bank, is poor quality when using the battery cells, and some even use recycled batteries. The biggest reason for the low quality of the battery cell is the charging efficiency is low, life expectancy is much shorter, but also lead to a battery explosion. So choose wisely.

3. The circuit boards

And saving money on chips is next to to battery cell, other manufacturers save money by putting low quality boards. The battery will be equipped with high-quality covers, to improve efficiency & to prevent all kinds of accidents. For example, to prevent excessive voltage and short circuit, and automatic shutdown when the temperature is not normal. Too many cheap battery’s are not safe as they lack of these parts, the likelihood of accidents naturally bigger.

iPhone-iPad-external-battery-bank_thumb 7 steps before purchasing the new battery bank, that will prevent from exploding.

4. Putting Charge in Bag ? !!

Often we see people while walking on the streets they put the phone connected to battery banks, into the bag. But in fact there is a high risk, because the lithium battery charging will generate inevitable heat, when head is trapped in and not cooled off, at any time it will make batteries overheat and even catch fire.  Even when not charging, but also be careful not to put into a  bag both conductive metal objects together, because there may cause a short circuit.

5. The display environment

To ensure that the battery not exposed to extreme temperatures, both high temperature is not good and too mild is also not. So in the summer, it is best not to leave the battery in the car after parking as it will be too hot, and in addition, we should avoid the battery to be contacted with water and moisture (unless the battery waterproof).

6. Overcharge:

And cell phones, then continue if the full 100% power supply connected, the battery is absolutely harmful. But action is worse than a cell phone battery, because some cells (especially cheap) no built-in protection, do not know their own “discharge” recharged, ready to lead “full blast electric” dangerous.

7. Use Battery Regularly

You may not need battery bank daily, You just need only when traveling , but do not just keep the battery dead for long time. The best is you have to charge, discharge it time to time.  If the battery is not used for long-term “time”, it will accelerate aging.

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So keep there points in mind and improve your purchasing habit and I think it will save the battery of exploding .. that’s it ..!!

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