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6 Reasons why iPhone 6s is better than Samsung Galaxy S7


6 Reasons why iPhone 6s is better than Samsung Galaxy S7

Many websites gives us a complete comparison of latest handsets, We present to you 6 reasons why you have to ditch samsung S7 over iPhone 6S.  In fact, the difference between them can be enormous.

speed-bump-3 6 Reasons why iPhone 6s is better than Samsung Galaxy S7

If you know clearly that Galaxy S7 – this is the best smartphone, or Android smartphones outperforming the iPhone, then please don’t close the page and watch out the detailed comparison which will get your nerves on. Fans of Korean devices aka samsung can just not worth to read this comparison, which deals with the strengths of the “apple” flagship examples and illustrated by all the detailed calculations.

1. The screen with the support of 3D Touch

iPhone 6s offers a fundamentally new way to interact with the user – the phone can distinguish force pressing on the display. In addition to the familiar gestures such as tap, swipe, mixing and dilution of the fingers, 3D Touch technology allows you to use the functions Peek and Pop. This new dimension in the work with the iPhone. With these technologies, the user can view the most view different content and work, without even opening it.

phpawocj9 6 Reasons why iPhone 6s is better than Samsung Galaxy S7

2. Reliability

iPhone 6s is the most productive, the most secure and the most popular smartphone in the market, and now it can be also be called as one of the strongest smartphones compared with Galaxy S7, it has the protected glass Gorilla Glass 4 is much easier to break. Earlier, it was confirmed Amateur crash tests , and later had their say experts from a SquareTrade .

S7-iPhone-6s-drop-1 6 Reasons why iPhone 6s is better than Samsung Galaxy S7

3. Performance under real conditions

Both companies seek to equip their major smart phones the most top-end “hardware” and optimize software for better performance. However, synthetic benchmarks are far from reality.

Popular reviewer – PhoneBuff twice conducted an experiment on the actual performance of Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s. The main thing that was taken into account – the behavior of the flagships models in the daily used programs. Instead of using benchmarks, the researchers included a stopwatch and began to run identical applications on both devices.

In the first seconds noticeable as the iPhone 6s for a moment behind the competitor.However, when it comes to games, Apple smartphone immediately pulled forward. Backlog Galaxy S7 edge increases sharply during the second “run” programs. This is despite the fact that in the South Korean device has 4 GB of RAM to 2 GB at the iPhone 6s. As a result, Apple was testing the machine for 1 minute and 54 seconds, a competitor from South Korea fell behind by 40 seconds.

4. The quality of software

Who would not say, but the software for Android is very far from the quality of the games and iOS applications. FOR almost always looks more attractive and easier on the iPhone.Suffice it to compare the same application. It comes to the comic: it is enough to evaluate how the icons look the same apps that seemingly should look the same: on Android icons will appear “collective.”

Galaxy-s7-vs-iPhone-6s-loose-7 6 Reasons why iPhone 6s is better than Samsung Galaxy S7

If the App Store is now about 90% of applications are made in accordance with the principles of a flat design, in store for Android supports only a fraction of Material Design.

The quality of third-party software – this is one of the key advantages of the iPhone 6s over the Galaxy S7. In addition, most developers first release of the game on the iOS app, and only after some time – on Android.

5. Apple Ecosystem

Today, when choosing a major gadget is not different specifications such as battery capacity, camera resolution, etc. They are more or less similar for all modern applications.Important for the user – is the mobile ecosystem. And on iOS is much more developed. In recent Apple promotional materials presented its ecosystem in the form of four key products – Apple Watch, MacBook, iPhone and iPad. It is still possible to add the Apple TV and the AirPort routers.

better-1 6 Reasons why iPhone 6s is better than Samsung Galaxy S7

6. Selection of accessories

iPhone everywhere, and you will find a huge number of accessories at affordable prices: covers all tastes, screen protectors, charging, storage, battery, camera and other wide variety of gadgets. With Android – the situation is different: many device manufacturers, models of each manufacturer a huge number, impossible for each model to come up and make a sufficient number of accessories. For Galaxy S7 accessories less, so gadget owners have to pay more for branded solutions from producer.

accc-1 6 Reasons why iPhone 6s is better than Samsung Galaxy S7

The same thing with the repair. iPhone 6s repaired in any shop and always find a replacement broken glass or a broken button. Fix broken Galaxy S7 will be much harder and more expensive.

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