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5G to come? 6 seconds to download a 3D movie


5G to come? 6 seconds to download a 3D movie

4G smart phones is not yet universal, it is also entangled with traffic problems, a new generation of communications technology 5G already struck. Recently, the Minister of Industry and Miao Wei said that 2016 will be carried out tests 5G technology and commercial licensing preliminary studies, actively participate in international standard-setting.

567f6b0ed89ff_thumb 5G to come? 6 seconds to download a 3D movie

According to Lei Feng network it is understood that the four major US carriers and mobile equipment manufacturers and many other companies have started research and development 5G technology. 5G literally means 5th generation mobile communication technology, but its final standard has not been established, that is to say, 5G network should be how kind, downlink rate and other key parameters is how, and so on. Bill Smith AT & T network is expected to operate president, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) standard in 2019 will be to develop 5G.

567f6b9d4a527_thumb 5G to come? 6 seconds to download a 3D movie

However, in simple terms, 5G faster speeds, lower power consumption is beyond doubt. According to reports, the theoretical speed will be 40 times 5G 4G, and capable of real-time transmission 8K resolution 3D video, or the equivalent of a 3D movie downloads within six seconds. By comparison, 4G network download 6 minutes. However, this is the laboratory level, to the actual operation there will always be a certain gap.

As 5G network form, it is understood, as compared with the current mobile communication network 700MHz to 3500MHz spectrum band actually used, mobile equipment manufacturers about the recent test 5G technology mainly uses UHF spectrum, such as 73GHz spectrum. HF spectrum can bring higher data transfer rate, but because of the electromagnetic wave transmission distance is very short, it is easy to be obstruction. To solve this problem, the mobile operator may need to build millions of small base stations to cover each of the poles, each building, and even each room.

567f6b824ffa5_thumb 5G to come? 6 seconds to download a 3D movie

The industry believes that large-scale commercial deployment 5G may have to wait until 2020, and, 5G network is more likely to add to the current 4G network, but does not replace 4G.

Source : Le Feng network.

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