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50 Best Telegram Bots you definitely need to check


50 Best Telegram Bots you definitely need to check

bots-hero1-750x390 50 Best Telegram Bots you definitely need to check

Tired theme bots ? US too. But as Choi sang “Without music the world and is not afraid of death,” and the modern world is anywhere from bots to stay. So we tightened and assembled a collection of the best solutions for the most powerful platform “electronic assistants – Telegram“.

We have checked around 50 Popular bots, at different times, some of them referred by friend and some by digging internet. some are reviewed by our readers and the rest of the list, we also carefully checked

@delorean_bot– Feel like Doc Brown and send a reminder of his future! Despite the name, the DeLorean is not attached. But reminders bot function handles.

@meduzaprobot– News bot “Medusa.” Words are unnecessary.

@novaposhta_bot– Personal bot “new mail”, which allows you to track the delivery of parcels. No kidding.

@weatherman_bot – Morning begins not with coffee, and with the question “What is the weather today?” Now this guy.

@temp_mail_bot– You need a temporary email for a random registration? You’re here.

@storebot–  just shop, where you can find bot to your taste. Yes, I know that three times repeated the word “boat” in the same sentence.

@pollbot– You need a questionnaire in the chat? This guy will help. And even give the opportunity to register the response options.

@hangbot– It’s simple. He played in the “gallows” on the leaf? And the electronic device? And now it can be played in the messenger.

@foodsearchbot– Bot will find where you can close a snack. Useful bot.

@movie_bot– If you have already found the girl and a bottle of wine, but you do not know what movie you see, ask this “guy”. Only with the genre defined.

@misis_bot – If the study found, then the bot will find educational materials in the library of the Russian “MISA” National Research Technological University.

@grammarnazibot– In the camp of illiterate bot does not send, but pretty nervous when you send him the text of errors. Yet fixes.

@topdf_bot– But this guy is good at all! How else to call bot that converts text documents and images in a PDF-file?

@dict_bot – Quick translation from English into Russian – without registration, SMS and sensible (in all senses) dictionary.

@ytranslatebot – If you want to translate to any other language, then you here.

telegram-bot-750x609 50 Best Telegram Bots you definitely need to check

@CurrencyKievBot– Exchange rates in accordance with Ukrainian Ministry of Finance website.Beauty! And although there is.

@filesbot– Never before sending files between users is not carried out by a robot. And now all the way around. You can and store and forward.

@ImageSearchBot – Search photos for every taste and color.

@BonAppetit_bot@mycookbot– Just two boats for fans to cook and do it tastes good! Choose to your taste (pun planned).

@zombiebot– Ever tried to communicate with the zombies? Try it.

@ K908Bot– Bot with the name! Kohl will remember your card and will transfer money to anyone who you say (and who use this bot). The editors thought to actively use the bot, but for some reason he ate at the chief editor of UAH 5. Commission. After such experiments stopped.

@nationalgeographic_bot– All as it should be – the best photos of National Geographic from around the world. You can even choose a theme.

@GetMusicBot – Find music to SoundCloud and YouTube to share favorite tunes to friends.

flibusta-750x615 50 Best Telegram Bots you definitely need to check

@flibustamirrorbot@freebooksbot@mybookbot– Three, just three bot for bookworms. And among them the legendary “Flibusta”! You choose the author and the book format – get (book) and read. Here are just a Telegram why it does not want to just save the file in iBooks. We have to get out through the Dropbox.

@old_lentachbot– Good old Lentach in the Telegram. Also clear all

@porokhobot– Yes, yes it is a bot that porohobotit vengeance. President Loves.

@instagramgirlsbot– For those who like to look at girls. Beautiful photos straight from instagram.

@umadbot – SIFCO and memes for every taste, color and situation.

@blackrealtor_bot– Bot from LUN, which checks whether the relevant lease apartments ads. Actual bot!

@footballquizbot– Quiz for connoisseurs of football officials. Not the most difficult, to be honest.

@lentachgangbot – News from the “Lentacha” already exists. And the boat is pulling the most hilarious comments from the tape.

@ formula_1bot– Formula 1 fans, rejoice! Seriously, the boat is for you, show news and the latest information on the “big prize”.

@adme_smart_bot– I love to read Adme? Check it out this SMS correspondence (just kidding) and the bot, which displays all news resource.

@mypokerbot – The most popular Texas Hold’em to the Telegram expanses.

weather-750x608 50 Best Telegram Bots you definitely need to check

@country_bot– Quiz with guessing flags. “Entertaining flags with Dr. Sheldon Cooper” looked?

@vkmusic_bot– Confess, who wants to listen Muzychko with Bk through Telegram? Use.

@clarabot– Virtual Assistant in the Internet world. Almost as a reference, only the boat and her name was Clara.

@questgamebot– Quest in real-time. If you have not tried to play, try it. Perhaps like.

@netflixnewsbot– What’s new on Netflix? This bot knows the answer, but does not know what has Netflix in Ukraine .

@alisearchbot@ebayglobalbot@amazonglobalbot– AliExpress, Ebay and Amazon. Look for any of these products through bots.

@andyrobot– English need one to practice the language? Boat to help.

@zodiac_bot– So, confess who believe in horoscopes? If so, then the boat just for you.

@pdanews_bot– All the best with 4pda resource. Do not thank bot, he does not understand this.

@slangbot– American accent – a strange but this alluring. Well, I turned down, but to learn the subtleties of the spoken language USA bot exactly help.

@search_rutracker_bot– We have rutrekere bot! Needless to say more.

amazon-bot-750x615 50 Best Telegram Bots you definitely need to check

Bots in Telegram appeared in the summer of 2015, when the application is announced the first of its kind platform for their development. A few days ago it was presented in the second version of this tool.

In general, bots are almost taken over the world. If you want to know more, we have been told,what is this bizarre beast (bot) and tried to explain human language, why the emergence of “electronic assistants” in the Facebook Messenger can be considered a revolution .

If you know the coolest robots, which are not included in the list – write in the comments.

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