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5 Things You Might Not Know About The Apple AirPods


5 Things You Might Not Know About The Apple AirPods

Despite all the news of Apple’s inventions being imitated by other manufacturers, Apple has never failed to mesmerise the world with its innovative devices and really cool features that come with them. When it was introduced, jackless iPhone 7 became the target in every second online meme. And now, the same people who once laughed at these hilarious memes are queuing up outside Apple stores to buy AirPods which were introduced by Apple to compensate for the missing earphone jacks in the iPhone 7. AirPods are wireless in-the-ear buds that can be used as an alternative to the earphones. But this is not the only thing why they are so popular, for those who are still unacquainted with AirPods here’s a list of five things you might not know about AirPods.

AirPods can be paired with any Bluetooth device

Due to the fact that AirPods use Apple’s own W1 chip, many people are under the misconception that they can be paired only with Apple branded devices. To clarify, AirPods uses the same good old Bluetooth technology which means that AirPods can be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled audio device.

The remaining battery can be checked by opening the case next to the connected iPhone

The battery status of AirPods can be checked on an iPhone with the W1 chip (which is currently available on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus) just by opening the case next to the iPhone connected with AirPods.

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AirPods allow a rewriting of the double-tap function

The double-tap action on AirPods which wakes Siri by default can easily be rewritten to perform a different action from among the play, pause, answer, and hang-up. The double-tap gesture can also be turned off completely.

Apple Watch’s digital crown can be used to adjust the volume of AirPods

Users of AirPods, who also happen to own Apple Watch can use their smartwatches digital crown to adjust the volume level of their AirPods. A simple twisting of the digital crown in either direction will adjust the volume accordingly when music is being played from the Music App on the Watch.

AirPods are packed with a bunch of really useful sensors

AirPods come with accelerometers, optical sensors, microphones and wireless antennas to add to its utility and improve the overall battery life. For example, the AirPods automatically optimise its microphones for phone calls when they sense a continuous movement in user’s jaws. Also, when the buds are removed from the ears it automatically pauses the music and when only one of the buds is being used it delivers the audio in mono instead of stereo mode.

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