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5 [Five] reasons to forget about Windows and switch to Mac

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5 [Five] reasons to forget about Windows and switch to Mac

Windows-vs-Mac-1 5 [Five] reasons to forget about Windows and switch to Mac

I’ve lived with computers running Windows, almost about 15 years. After buying a MacBook, it seemed obvious and greater comfort to use. After a month of active use of OS X, I picked 5 main advantages of El Capitan on Windows 10 and described his experience of moving to the new OSes.

Operating system – it’s like the interior of the home. I have been using MacBook Pro ( 2010 model ) with a processor Core 2 Duo, after six years of the release it is still nice to show themselves by installing SSD and memory expansion up to 8GB on board for the latest version of El Capitan. Earlier, I used the ASUS budget, which relied on the 4GB of RAM, weak processor of the latest generation Pentium, and hard drive. The laptop was working under Windows 10 – is also updated to the most recent update. Of course, comparing with each other a top device (even of 2010) and a budget laptop from the present, it is not entirely correct. But I will try to focus on the features of the operating system that Mac derive far ahead.

  • Easy setup

    To fit the OS X for themselves do not need to read a lot of manuals, everything is clear and collected in a single menu. In Windows 10, when you set up climbs problem – the lack of a unified design language. Affectation range of different and to calibrate the individual elements of the system, have to smash his head on the concrete location settings menu just for this parameter. Also on Windows, some interfaces are duplicated in several different ways. For example, such a situation is to remove the program. OS X more friendly, so to configure your computer “for themselves” it takes much less time.

system-preferences 5 [Five] reasons to forget about Windows and switch to Mac

  • Pre-installed software

    Maybe I could not see success in the aspirations of Microsoft stock to make a workable application. But to use them was absolutely impossible – mailer and schedule regular stopper refused to sync and confused brakes. Notes native synchronization to mobile devices was not – the niche occupied microsoft OneNote. A calculator crashes when you try to use the division. This caused irritation and therefore had to rely more on the web – work and leisure raged in Chrome. On OS X pre-installed software package missing, but do not want to look for a replacement. The plus stands and a full immersion into the ecosystem. Applications are synchronized and work as a unit, and then on the Windows laptop look real “outcast.”

preinstalled-softwares 5 [Five] reasons to forget about Windows and switch to Mac

  • Quality Software

    I confess that I am not able to cover the entire market of desktop applications, and in one fell swoop to make a decision in favor of OS X. But the tools that I use on the Mac, available for Windows only as analogues implemented less convenient. Examples are many. Even this text I created in Ulysses editor, who jumps at the head competitors in the “windows” system and is only available on OS X. Next on my list exclusives: Things task manager, a social client Tweetbot, zip AirMail and several utilities: Cliboard History, Alfred , File Pane. They do not fly, do not lag, and they simply can rely on. On Windows you should never forget about version compatibility, of the danger of catching the Trojans during the installation, the timely preservation of data in case of unexpected departure.Moreover, c transition to OS X, I finally cracked down on pirated addiction – though not always, but buy the desired program. Because the stability and quality design costs money. The developers release updates in a timely manner and maintain urgency (on Windows, in most cases, only dream about such accounts).

  • Shortcuts and gestures

    I’ve been trying not to fill up an article into subjectivism, but at this point come off in full.Before the transition to OS X shortcuts have been my dark forest. I tangled, and a GUI for almost all manipulation: resizing of images in Photoshop to the banal, exit the application.On a Mac, the situation has changed dramatically. Keyboard shortcuts are shown to a common denominator and easy to remember them, and it saves a huge amount of time.Creating documents, quick search, launch applications, utilities, and a good half of all actions not in Safari no longer need to take your fingers on the keyboard. But sometimes the touchpad can not do without – and to use them fun things. Nice glass surface and move when pressed causes all abandon the mouse. On Windows, I preferred to connect the “rodent” with user-friendly features for Mac – never. So smoothly multitouch gestures work. My ASUS disposal preinstalled proprietary ulititoy, which in theory brings similar functionality, but in fact was run for at least five minutes and is temporarily disabled. This claim by the complex, neither iron nor OSes do not have sufficient capacity.

gestures-shortcuts 5 [Five] reasons to forget about Windows and switch to Mac

  • Speed

    I understand perfectly that the device compared to the SSD-drive and a conventional hard drive – is incorrect. But even before the installation of flash memory difference was noticeable. Start-up and a few minutes later – dead zone for Windows use, because the system loads something and refuses to work instantly. On a Mac, the situation is quite different: after downloading everything is ready, and if you restart the computer, it also gently restores the active window. How long can live without restarting Windows 10? In fact, for a long time, but more than a few days it is better not pull – the speed is reduced unacceptably. His MacBook, I rebooted the past month is not more than 5 times, and that without a critical need.

OS-X-El-Capitan-970-80 5 [Five] reasons to forget about Windows and switch to Mac

Describe the operating system separately from the device is not possible, and an inverse relationship does not work. But the conclusion is still the same: on Windows I’m not coming back. I am sure, on top devices it works much better than the frankly feeble ASUS. But in the premium price segment already settled Mac. Where you can adjust the angles of the active screen, forget the word “driver” to throw the mouse and enjoy the work. Use high-quality software, or simply surf the Internet without fear of how much system resources are now swallow our browser. Of course, the ideal does not exist on my MacBook and I have met with problems: once disconnected keyboard in another system began openly to brake. Both issues decided banal restart. But I left behind the heap of problems that were presented by punctually Windows. This is a good system simply requires patience more, and is not suitable for low-power computers. And if devices from 2010 are now without a lot of problems to be run on Windows 10? The question is more rhetorical.My MacBook has a decent “grandfather”, but it has already announced official support macOS Sierra – and therefore the life cycle will continue at least until the summer of 2017. And it is impressive and makes you feel confident when buying a new computer. They are sure to be a Mac.

I suspect that the article may cause resentment among those who, for example, personally collected gaming monster on Windows or feels great for stuffed to the limit ultrabook. But I do not want to hide behind objectivity because the user experience – unique. If you have your own stories to move between operating systems, share them in the comments.

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