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Top 5 Best Desktop video players


Top 5 Best Desktop video players

Recently my desktop windows media player crashed and it was not able to play for some reason.

I started looking out for media players on the internet.  I installed and tried a lot of media players,

video players for windows. During the course of my research and trial installations i tested them for

features like speed, user interface, ability to play different video and audio formats.

Some media players are filled with unnecessary features. You might have seen when you open an HD

video in some media players, they’ll keep you waiting while your hard drive thrashes, your RAM gets

low and your CPU utilization reaches new highs.

There are other media players which launch in a flash, and then make minimal demands on your

system resources, allowing smooth HD video playback even on the most under-powered of PC


You need to figure out which players best suits your system configuration. And that a bit tedious job to

try and find out which one matches your expectations.

I thought it would be great to share with others about the top 5 Desktop video players (best media

players, video players, media players for windows) which worked well on my not so powerful Asus

Laptop with 2gb RAM and dual core processor.

PotPlayer (Windows)

potplayer_thumb Top 5 Best Desktop video players

Top 5 desktop video players – potplayer

PotPlayer is lightweight, free and plays just about every file format, codec, media container, or

type of file with ease. In addition to broad format support, PotPlayer also gives you lot of features and

controls to get your video playback looking just the way you like, or appropriate for the type of screen

you’re watching your movies or TV shows on. It has filters for noise reduction, deinterlacing, brightness,

contrast, hue etc. You also get audio controls, skins to customize the UI, and more.

GOM Player (Windows)

GOMplayer_thumb Top 5 Best Desktop video players

Top 5 desktop video players – GOM player

GOM Player is a Windows-only, free ad-supported media player that has comprehensive file type and

video format support. It’s also great at playing broken media files and partial downloads. It supports

a skinnable, customizable interface that lets you change the UI to suit your own needs, and it sports

some other useful advanced features (built-in screen and audio capture, video effects, and more.

MPC-HC (Windows)

MPC-HC (Media Player Classic – Home Cinema) is remarkably lightweight, in many cases,

you can be up and playing video with MPC-HC before other slower media players bother loading.

MPC-HC includes key commands to eliminate screen tearing when watching video, lots of video

format and codec support. There’s even a 64-bit version available. It’s completely free and


XBMC (Windows/OS X/Linux)

XBMCPlayer_thumb Top 5 Best Desktop video players

Top 5 desktop video players – XBMC Player


XBMC is more than just a media center application. It is also a highly configurable player that you

can use on a desktop or laptop to get a real media center experience on large and small screens.

While it’s great on a big screen connected to an HTPC, it works just as well on your desktop connected

to a large external display, or on your laptop’s 15″ display while you’re on a train or plane. XBMC is

open source, available for Windows, OSX, Linux, and a number of other platforms. XBMC can play

just about anything without worrying about file format, encoding, codecs, or even subtitles. It also

handles music and streaming video beautifully.

VLC (Windows/OS X/Linux)

VLCplayer_thumb Top 5 Best Desktop video players

Top 5 desktop video player – VLCplayer

VLC is a portable, open-source, cross-platform, free media player. It plays lot of formats, has a number

of optional third-party plug-ins to extend its features, supports skins and themes. It doesn’t hurt that

there’s a build for it for just about every desktop OS, making it an excellent all-around player for any

device or platform.

Please Feel free to comment and share if your thoughts. Let me know if I have missed any other good

windows media players, so that can try them out.

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