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In 2017 iPhone Will Have Doubled Range Batteries


In 2017 iPhone Will Have Doubled Range Batteries

For a long time we are searching for ever more efficient solutions for the autonomy of portable batteries. According to what is found in the last months, in 2017 could come into the market of new batteries able to provide a range doubled compared to current.

techno-battery-life In 2017 iPhone Will Have Doubled Range Batteries

Often we told you about new technological developments in the field of portable batteries. Numerous progress have enabled the implementation of powerful batteries, but there were always some downsides to the use of these new technologies. This time things are different, because we are talking about a recent discovery, which could be marketed as early as next year. Basically these are the same lithium batteries in current smartphones, but inside instead of graphite, have added a lithium metal foil able to accumulate more energy. In this way the same size we can achieve greater autonomy two times.

In addition to this, the research study that investigated this new type of lithium batteries has got to try them in an iPhone 6 with which they have already noticed substantial differences. Despite this, Apple could use these new batteries to decrease the thickness of their devices, leaving the almost equal autonomy.

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