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11 New Siri Tricks in iOS 10 You Must Really Know

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11 New Siri Tricks in iOS 10 You Must Really Know

Apple on Monday announced iOS 10 beta for its developers in WWDC conference, everyone is busy finding whats new inside the latest new secured iOS 10 and some are finding new exploits inside the OS. iOS 10 beta 1 features tons of new features, Siri is the most useful and its biggest update since the launch of personal voice assistant. In the latest update Apple provided to its API to access voice control for application developers, she will learn to give advice in advance, before it was asked. Also, and also Siri now works on Apple macOS 10.12 also.

siri-inline_thumb 11 New Siri Tricks in iOS 10 You Must Really Know

I suggest to get acquainted with a few examples of the work of Siri, to assess how convenient this has become a feature in iOS. So here are the 11 new features in iOS 10.

1.Money transfers

Currently, the number of applications from third-party developers with Siri support very modest, in fact it’s Twitter but Facebook. Despite this, programmers now has access to Siri, so Siri will soon learn to control your music in Spotify or recordings in Evernote.

Here is another example of the near future. Using applications Square then the Cash , you can send money to friends with no commission. Suffice it to say: Siri, Sharon Pay $ 10 through Square Cash.» This is an example of how the application works in America, I think, and Russian banks will take into account such a possibility.

2.Order pizza or call the Uber

You can call a taxi without having to open an application, just say “call me Uber», the same phrase to arrange food delivery home.

3.Send messages

With Siri, you can send messages via iMessage or email Mail. But soon the software developers to add it to their messengers. Telegram, WeChat, WhatsApp, Skype … but it’s not listed, the main thing that will be more convenient to communicate.

4.Speed search

Siri will type messages, offering themed clues, analyzing what is at stake in the dialogue. For example, the caller asks for email colleagues, and Siri between the inserts in a dialogue that address. And if you ask the departure date, then it will automatically find the exact day and time on your calendar, add this information to the dialogue.

5.Search YouTube on Apple TV

If you want to find something on YouTube, it is necessary to first launch the YouTube app on Apple TV, then scroll to the search string, and then clamp the button on the remote control and dictate the command to Siri.

Apple promises an update to Apple TV at the end of June, there will be a new feature. Then, Siri will launch a search on YouTube from any application or menu item for a phrase like «Siri, look for videos on YouTube seals».

And here’s another nice thing: Siri in the same way and will work on iOS after the fall update.

6.Enable live

On the Apple TV software is available for streaming TV broadcasting (the US channel examples): CBS, FXNow, Discovery GO and stuff like that. After the upgrade, you need only say “I want to watch ESPN» or ‘on CBS »to start streaming.

7.Search for specific movies

While that Siri does not know how to look for certain genres of films. You can search by genre, actor, title, director or decade. But if you want to find something specific, for example, associated with baseball or hiking, of Siri will not be able to help.

After the upgrade, the search will work more precisely in response to requests such as “Show me movies about technology”

8.Siri on the Mac

On Apple computers earn Siri, she will receive a residence permit in the status bar. It will help to make phone calls, typing messages, search data include a reminder to start functions such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Siri will respond to the command in the spirit of “Show me the text I was working on last night” or “Open photos from the past week.”

9.Simple multitasking

On the Mac Siri not only find documents or files, but also be able to copy the data in open programs. For example, add photos from a trip to the text – a common situation in the layout of the text viewing device.

It is unclear how to run Siri: whether the button or key combination for this purpose on Mac.Calling it solely from the status bar is not very convenient.

10.Driving home with the help of new devices

Siri can help control a smart home system in conjunction with HomeKit. So far, the only ecosystem includes iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch, and space for the Mac it was not.Apple TV works as a control center, so that in theory give commands through Siri convenient tuning a variety of devices: light bulbs, sockets, locks, HVAC equipment, and so on. But if Apple TV to work with 4th generation, there may be problems, of Siri will give something in the spirit of: “Sorry, I can not help you.”

Apple plans to unify Siri work on different devices, including Apple TV and Mac, but not only iOS-Soup to any of them, it was convenient to manage ecosystem HomeKit. And then on the “Turn on the light” team or “Close the door” every gadget with Siri support will fulfill this request.

By the way, we recently wrote that Apple plans to make the iPad the center of a smart home .

11. Switch the radio station and the air conditioner in the car

Siri work in the car is particularly important now CarPlay management system, press the button on the steering wheel and give the command, the principle is the same as on the phone with Siri. The assistant will pave the way to send a message to a friend, create entries in the calendar or reminder.

But along with future updates Siri will become even smarter and CarPlay system only benefit from this. It will be available not only for software developers, as well as from automakers.And then the owner of Siri on the team will change the temperature in the cabin, switch the radio station, run music in Spotify, or to send messages via WhatsApp.

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Source: Cnet

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