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10 Super Galaxy Note 7 features, you won’t have in any iPhone


10 Super Galaxy Note 7 features, you won’t have in any iPhone

On Tuesday, Samsung unveiled its new flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 7, which will be released in India at the end of August. The device is equipped with a 5.7-inch frameless screen, stylus S Pen and productive hardware platform. To date, the Galaxy Note 7 is the most advanced device in the mobile line of the South Korean brand, so many resources compared it with the iPhone 6s.

galaxy-note-7-vs-iPhone-3 10 Super Galaxy Note 7 features, you won’t have in any iPhone

Technically, the Galaxy Note 7 – this is a great smartphone with a 5.7-inch display with curved edges. Compared to Note 5, the width has decreased from 76.2 mm to 73.9 mm, and weight reduced to 169 grams.Technically, the screen is different from the current flagship Samsung – the same resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels, the processor has become more powerful than the Galaxy Note 5, but identical S7 Edge.

BGR , listed the 10 features of Galaxy Note 7, which are absent in high-end Apple’s iPhone 6S. Among them are quite as useful in real life, and completely unnecessary features. More on this you will see in technohacker

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-3-600x337 10 Super Galaxy Note 7 features, you won’t have in any iPhone

So here are these 10 features of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which are not present in any iPhone.

1. S Pen Stylus

Note 7 is equipped with a Galaxy Note stylus S Pen, which was characterized by a waterproof and better sensitivity, lower latency and a small tip that is closer in size to a standard ball-point pen. According to Samsung, improved pen allows you to perform tasks faster.

For example, you can create GIF-animation using the “Select and save,” to translate any text or image to increase the usual touch. Using the stylus, you can also mix different colors to quickly switch between brushes.

galaxy-note-7-vs-iPhone-6 10 Super Galaxy Note 7 features, you won’t have in any iPhone

2. Always On Display

Galaxy Note 7 inherited by younger models Always-On Display function. Its essence lies in the fact that on the screen in blocked mode always displays the time, date, calendar, time, battery charging, etc.

Tellingly, Always-On Display could be a feature of all South Korean smartphone with a display Super AMOLED, and has become a feature of the new flagships.

3. Quick Notes

Thanks to Galaxy Note 7 electronic pen lets you take quick notes on the screen when the screen is off. It is enough to get the pen and you can take notes, rather to open any app to make quick notes. The user can quickly write something or to draw, and then save in S Note, by clicking the appropriate button or inserting the S Pen back.

galaxy-note-7-vs-iPhone-1 10 Super Galaxy Note 7 features, you won’t have in any iPhone

4. Super AMOLED Display

On the advantages and disadvantages of AMOLED and LCD can be a long talk. Leaving aside the technology itself and consider other options displays, here Samsung phones are ahead. At Galaxy S7 and S7 edge screens are made by technology Super AMOLED.

5. Resolution 2K

Galaxy Note 7 is equipped with curved at the edges of the display, whose resolution is 2560 × 1440 pixels (518 ppi), which is also one of the first displays for mobile devices with support for HDR features.

For comparison, the display is a 4.7-inch iPhone 6s has a resolution of 1334 × 750 pixels (326ppi), and iPhone 6s Plus – 1920 x 1080 pixels (401 ppi).

galaxy-note-7-vs-iPhone-4 10 Super Galaxy Note 7 features, you won’t have in any iPhone

6. The Retina Scanner

One of the main innovations in the South Korean PHABLET became iris scanner that allows to unlock the device, only glancing at the center of the screen. The device is unlocked after the recognition of the retina. With the help of this technology will also be included in the applications and conduct payment when Samsung Pay.

As noted Samsung, unlike fingerprint scanner, an iris can not be duplicated because of its unique design.

galaxy-note-7-vs-iPhone-2 10 Super Galaxy Note 7 features, you won’t have in any iPhone

7. Secure Folder

To protect the data on your smartphone, two new features have been added – Secure folder and Samsung Pass. The folder can store photos, videos, and applications that contain data on payments.

8. Protection against water and dust to IP68 standard

Galaxy Note boasts 7 protection from water, ie it is possible to catch Pokémon in the pouring rain, use it as a shovel in the construction of sand castles on the beach and sink in the bathroom. Degree of protection according to the international classification – IP68. This means that a Korean completely protected against dust and impacts can not be submerged in water to a depth of 1 m.

galaxy-note-7-vs-iPhone-5 10 Super Galaxy Note 7 features, you won’t have in any iPhone

9. Support for micro SD card

Also, as the Galaxy S7 model Galaxy Note 7 supports Micro SD memory cards, making it easy to exchange phone data to a computer, making it easier and more productive. In addition, the amount of available gigabytes easily expanded if necessary, opening more opportunities to store the desired information. Declared maximum volume of 256 GB cards.

10. More powerful battery

The flagship of Samsung got the battery capacity of 3500 mAh. The same parameters in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus – 1715 and 2750 mAh. It should be understood, however, that the time of operation of the device – it is always a combination of factors, in particular the stability and optimization software, quality of components, display power consumption.

Consider the work in isolation from these parameters is difficult, and sometimes impossible.

So these were some important and some useless features that are present in Galaxy Note 7 but not in any device manufactured by Apple, lets see how Apple replies by launching iPhone 7 Plus or Rumored iPhone 7 Pro, it’s the time that will tell. Just wait for WWDC conference that will be happening in September 2nd week.

Source:  BGR

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