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10 Reasons To Buy a New Flagship From Apple – “iPhone 7, 7+”


10 Reasons To Buy a New Flagship From Apple – “iPhone 7, 7+”

Apple released its new flagship, the long-awaited new smartphones iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on September 7th. Both the new phones have improved features and most of them were confirmed before the release ( rumors and leaks ), but it was not without surprises. New Flagship major enhancement were Waterproof design, advance camera and other improvements.

Apple again made a money minting machine, it has not just updated the iPhone, it gave some powerful features. If you are confused weather to buy new iPhone’s on September 16th, we will give full 10 reasons to buy the new flagship from Apple.

Top 10 Reasons to buy new flagship from Apple:

Apple has already pushing iPhone’s ( pre-order ) on September 9th. I am a huge fan of Apple devices, almost used all the flagship’s launched previously. So I’m getting ready on September 16th,  are you ? if you are really need reasons to buy the new flagship’s here are ..

#1. Updated Design

As you have already seen some leaks, there is a very slight change in the design and its very similar to iPhone 6 and 6s. The size is same but weight of the device is less. iPhone 7 weight is equal to 138 g ( instead of 143 g ) and iPhone 7 Plus weight is 188 g ( instead of 192 g ).

So its lighter than the previous flagship from Apple.

iPhone-7-hands-zone-8-750x655 10 Reasons To Buy a New Flagship From Apple - "iPhone 7, 7+"

At the same time there are a few important improvements. So, insert the plastic antenna, which, according to many users, spoils the appearance of “iPhone 6”, now shifted to the rear panel faces and have become virtually invisible.

apple-iphone-7-new-iphone-new-750x469 10 Reasons To Buy a New Flagship From Apple - "iPhone 7, 7+"

Apple has added a line of two new colors – matte black and high-gloss “black onyx” instead of the usual Space Gray. iPhone 7 in matt black color looks fresh and interesting enough. Glossy Jet Black also looks great, but only the first few minutes, until it collects fingerprints and scratches on the rear panel. Apple’s, by the way, is aware of this problem and recommends to purchase a protective case.

#2. Dust and WaterProof

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus officially received protection standard IP67 against dust and moisture. iPhone 6s and even the iPhone 6 have experienced great diving experience, but now Apple has officially confirmed the moisture resistance of its smartphones.

Screenshot-2016-09-08-at-02.54.36-1200x649-750x406 10 Reasons To Buy a New Flagship From Apple - "iPhone 7, 7+"

#3. Touch Home Button ( Taptic Engine )

Apple’s new flagship has got new touch home button, the operating on the iPhone 7 is very similar to the MacBook ( new Macbook line ) trackpads, that is, in fact, it is the touch, but thanks Taptic Engine full-click is felt when pressed. In this case the key itself has become more responsive and sensitive to the pressing.

iPhone-7-hands-zone-6-750x489 10 Reasons To Buy a New Flagship From Apple - "iPhone 7, 7+"

#4. The new camera

iPhone 7 has received a 12-megapixel camera module with aperture f / 1.8, optical image stabilization, LED flash 4 TrueTone, a new chip for image processing, and support for RAW-format. The module itself has become a bit more, although looks not so rough as the previous generation of devices. The front camera has also undergone a change, and now its resolution of 7 megapixel.

iphone-7-plus-camera-schematics-750x382 10 Reasons To Buy a New Flagship From Apple - "iPhone 7, 7+"

iPhone 7 Plus camera got the most comprehensive upgrade, it is featured with Dual Camera module includes a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens with an aperture f / 1.8 and a 12-megapixel telephoto lens with f / 2.8. The second camera is perfect for shooting portraits or objects that are far enough away. In the appendix there is an additional camera button for quick switching between lenses.

Advanced zoom lets you zoom in while shooting up to 10 times, and the video up to 6 times. In addition, the software update will soon provide portrait mode shooting in camera app, allowing you to use as a SLR cameras.

Screenshot-2016-09-08-at-02.55.01-1200x697-750x436 10 Reasons To Buy a New Flagship From Apple - "iPhone 7, 7+"

#5. Top Performance

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is powered by new 4-core A10 Fusion processor, works 120 times faster than the first model in the iPhone and 40% faster than the iPhone 6s. Performance graphs increased by 50%. In addition, we have already seen the results Geekbench test to confirm the presence of 3 GB to the iPhone 7 Plus model and record performance of new smartphones.

In addition to this minimum amount of physical memory is 32GB. Other versions have minimum 128 GB and 256 GB.

Screenshot-2016-09-08-at-02.58.32-1200x643-750x402 10 Reasons To Buy a New Flagship From Apple - "iPhone 7, 7+"

#6. Improved display

Many display options are not changed in comparison with the iPhone 6s: same size, resolution and IPS technology. However, the iPhone 7 screen has become up to 25% brighter and has more color gamut comparable to digital cinema. Thanks to the extended color gamut color display will become brighter and more saturated.

iPhone-7-hands-zone-9-750x569 10 Reasons To Buy a New Flagship From Apple - "iPhone 7, 7+"

#7. The most powerful battery

Thanks to energy-efficient processor A10 and optimize iPhone 7 operating system can run up to two hours longer, and iPhone 7 Plus – up to one hour longer than their predecessors.

iphone-7-battery-vs-iPhone-7-Plus-Battery-750x386 10 Reasons To Buy a New Flagship From Apple - "iPhone 7, 7+"


#8. Stereo Speakers 

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is installed with stereo speakers, although the design is quite unusual. One of the speakers is located on the bottom side of the device, and the second is in the upper part of the front panel. This arrangement seems quite original, but technically it allows for stereo sound when listening to a horizontal orientation

Screenshot-2016-09-08-at-02.58.55-1200x559-750x349 10 Reasons To Buy a New Flagship From Apple - "iPhone 7, 7+"

#9. New Lightning-EarPods headphones

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be supplied with a high-quality headphones, the Lightning since Apple has decided to abandon the 3.5mm analog jack. In addition, the smartphone package includes proprietary adapter with Lightning to the mini-jack, which is sold separately for $12.

iPhone-7-hands-zone-13-750x479 10 Reasons To Buy a New Flagship From Apple - "iPhone 7, 7+"

#10. The data transfer rate

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus supports 4G LTE Advanced standard, allowing data transmission speed increased to 450 Mbit / s – this is three times higher than the iPhone 6. In addition, the increased number of available 4G network bands. MIMO technology can transmit data via Wi-Fi 802.11 at speeds up to 866 Mbit / s.

These were top 10 reasons why you should buy new flagship from Apple on September 16th. Get your credit card ready and be the first to buy new iPhone 7, or iPhone 7 Plus. I personally will buy iPhone 7 Plus due to its upgraded camera !

Happy buying !

Source images : Forbes 

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