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10 attractions that you can take away from Apple’s financial results for Q3 2016


10 attractions that you can take away from Apple’s financial results for Q3 2016

Publication of the economic results of Apple, which took place on Tuesday evening, it will be some time yet fulfill pages of sites that are interested in Apple. Even so, no, the conference call provides a lot of interesting information from which we can build a very interesting picture of the facts and tendencies which direction the company is going further. This time we will summarize in a few paragraphs what important we should take away from this event. It is mostly confirmation has long been obvious fact, but a brief summary is definitely not the case. Tim Cook et al. They were once again really eloquent, so it’s something to write about.

Tim-Cook-Apple-money-FB 10 attractions that you can take away from Apple's financial results for Q3 2016

Apple surpassed all expectations

Although it may seem like an exaggerated statement, is not it. Initial assumptions were that the company recognizes a much worse economic performance than finally introduced . On the basis of such shares and strengthen the market, “reassured”.

App Store breaks records

From the results it is also clear how important they are to their company services. Now “service” is one of the biggest surprise since generate huge profits, which caused avert the bad results. Apple App Store and Music Point. The total annual increase in this sector is around 20%.

iPhones and iPads have a promising future

Despite the fact that Apple sold fewer iPads and iPhones than in the previous quarter – 40.4 instead of 47 million iPhones and 9.9 instead of 10.9 million iPads, the near future is under Tim Cook positive for both products. iPhone is a hit, and the new iPhone will also reportedly. Profits from the iPad also paradoxically grew despite the drop in sales can be especially expensive for iPad Pro.

Mac user base grows

Apple managed to sell only 4.2 million Macs, a fall of about half a million devices, but even so the user base grows and do so at a time when the release of new models almost around the corner.

Apple Pay very decently starts

Apple with its payment service idleness . It expands it into the increasingly more countries and runs through it more and more transactions. However, it is still fairly limited service in terms of user extensions. According to Cook ApplePay is especially promising for the future.

India is becoming an increasingly important

India currently finds itself in a similar position, as it was for Apple in China several years ago. The company wants to take advantage of the market in India as much as possible, and therefore actively investing in local infrastructure and plans to build a number of complexes. These are, for Apple’s fastest growing market. YoY iPhone sales grew huge 51%.

China is increasingly important for Apple

Even if they there recently very successfully. Total revenue earned quite a significant drop , thus China has moved up to third place in terms of market size (the latter is now Europe). But it is still very significant for the Apple market and the company will do everything possible so that the situation has returned to the state from the previous quarter. Especially solve the ban iBooks Store, and iTunes.

Apple Watch is still governed

Despite the fact that Apple’s share of the market for smart watches falling, it is still far ahead of their pursuers.Watch watches are becoming popular and this year will also see the addition of his second successor, which for the first time show the world just a few weeks.

Concentrating on AR

Hit last time – augmented reality / augmented reality (AR) is now very occasional topic. Mainly due to the gigantic success of Pokémon Go. The company is said about this technology very well informed and inserted into the vast amount of finance . Whether this is true or just Apple riding the wave of what is currently “in” it is anyone’s guess.

Apple is still incredibly rich companies

Despite the fact that their capital is slowly declining, still they have access to more than $ 231 billion. Yoy, it is the decrease of EUR 1.4 billion. Dissolution of the company, therefore there is no risksimple-smile 10 attractions that you can take away from Apple's financial results for Q3 2016

Source:  iPhonehacksCultofmac

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